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Defender Picks


The Price Tag for Health Care

What the Senate GOP Health Care Bill Means for Louisiana

On January 12th, 2016, John Bel Edwards sat down at his desk on his second day of office as Governor of Louisiana. His predecessor Bobby Jindal had depleted the state budget (which prior was experiencing a rare surplus) to a $2 billion deficit. Edwards signed an executive order to allow an influx of $184 million in federal dollars to the state economy, as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA had been passed, Louisiana was subject to it, Jindal just refused to accept the money. As Edwards said, “the easiest decision I will ever make as governor.”


Have A Cao Man

The race to replace David Vitter in the U.S. Senate is getting crowded. On Tuesday (12.15), former Congressman Anh Joseph Cao shot off an email to supporters that detailed his plans to seek the soon-to-be vacant office on Capitol Hill.

Troy Carter Gets Back In The Game

Insiders say that politics is like a drug and campaigning is hard to kick. New Orleans’ own Troy Carter is no Joe Biden, but he is having a hard time walking away from the game. On Tuesday (9.08), Carter announced that he will be returning to politics with a campaign for a Louisiana State Senate seat.

Cassidy Amongst Earl Holt's Political Contributions

Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports that Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana accepted a campaign contribution from Earl Holt of Longview, Texas. The name and address matches that of the white supremacist leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CoCC). Holt came to national attention after alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof cited Holt’s discriminatory comments in his “manifesto.”

David Vitter, Bi-Partisan Builder?

The Silent Senator is not so quiet these days. In a series of moves befuddling to beltway buffs, the once contrarian David Vitter is ferrying across the aisle with more regualrity than the boat serving Algiers and perhaps politically pivoting to the center. Last week, Vitter made significant progress on three bipartisan bills including one collaboration with liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren.

Over the Rainbow: La House Slams Same Sex Marriage

Bobby J is not the only Louisiana pol who has problems with same sex marriage. On Monday (4.27), the Louisiana House of Representatives sent a Resolution attacking marriage equality over to the State Senate. HCR85 “requests that the United States Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan recuse themselves in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.”

J.P. Morrell Kickin' It On Podcast, Social Media

J.P. Morrell wants the kids to know that he is hip to modern ways. Morell is a card carrying member of the tweetosphere. Morrell is known for wearing stylish sneakers on the legislature’s floor. And, now Morrell has a podcast.

Vitter Fights Change

David Vitter does not like change. Louisiana’s Senator loves his fiat money the way it is. And, he is worried that a change to dollar bills could lead to more change, loose change that is. American money could wind up like European money—which he does not like. To that end, he introduced an amendment to fight change last week.

Vitter Pill: Gleason Scores Senate Win

Many Americans think that Congress could use a cold shower. However, when it comes to fighting Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the legislature is doing a lot more than dumping ice water on themselves. Senator David Vitter’s Steve Gleason Act of 2015 passed the Senate unanimously during Thursday (3.26) night’s votarama.

Election Results

Louisianans headed to the polls yesterday. Congressman Bill Cassidy unseated incumbent Mary Landrieu. In Orleans Parish, a millage for education easily passed and Desiree Cook-Calvin and Monique Barial won judgeships. Full results follow.

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