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Defender Picks


One For Eight

Over the last five years, Quentin Tarantino made enough visits to New Orleans to provide locals with a host of NSFW stories about their encounters with the director. Apparently, he liked SoLa. The AMC Elmwood Palace in Harqhan made the short list of theaters picked to screen Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

Silent Cinema: Indywood in Exile

Sadly, one local cinema is blurring the lines between silent movies and movies gone silent. Indywood, the popular art house theatre, announced that they will be temporarily closing their on Elysian Fields Avenue location and hosting a series of outdoor screenings while they sort out venue issues.

Room 220: Katrina & the Rapture

By Room 220

Alright, alright. This post really isn’t about a literary event—it’s about a film screening, the New Orleans premiere of Good People Go To Hell, Saved People Go To Heaven at 7p.m. on Sunday, March 1 at Indywood (628 Elysian Fields). But since the Room 220 editors had a hand in organizing the event, it will also include some bookish elements: namely, the inclusion of a couple celebrated authors as part of a panel discussion following the film.

Bu-bu-bu Bounce to the Ogden, Tuesday Night! Whaaat!?!? Thursday Night! Whaaaat!?!?

Do you feel a deficiency in your knowlege of New Orleans Bounce? If so, perhaps you should back that ass up to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art Tuesday Night for a screening of the documentary, "Ya Heard Me?", which chronicles the Bounce movement in New Orleans. Then, Thursday night you can to drop it like its hot at the Ogden's after hours event where DJ Jubillee will be performing at the opening of "Where They At: New Orleans Bounce and Hip Hop in Words and Pictures".  Read More>


NoDef Abides

Loyal readers, today, we bring you two very different outlets for libation consumption.

- Tomorrow, Wednesday, we officially Launch our site! We will celebrate the occasion with aplomb and gusto... well, maybe, just gusto! We'd love to see you there. Drop us a line for info.

- When Treme begins airing, we will be sponsoring weekly screenings at Buffa's Lounge. Many of us don't have HBO (or even TV.) And, even more of us don't want to watch alone... So, feel free to laugh and cry with NoDef.

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