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Defender Picks


Ray Lewis, Scott Fujita Proffer Theories of NFL Power

Many have come to New Orleans and marveled at the futility of our utilities, but Ray Lewis is taking vitriol at Entergy to a new level. In a recent interview, Lewis put down the deer antler spray and picked up a tin foil hat when discussing the infamous power outage that left February's Super Bowl in the dark for 30 minutes. According to USA Today, the since-retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker told NFL Films that it was more than just a faulty part that turned out the lights. 

Atlanta Sports Talk Radio Hosts Mock Saints Hero Steve Gleason, ALS


Atlanta sports talk radio hosts were suspended Monday after mocking Saints hero Steve Gleason and ALS. According to a post on TigerDroppings, hosts of 790 The Zone's Mayhem in the AM reportedly staged a call-in segment where a man pretended to be Gleason talking through his computerized voice. One of the hosts tried to apologize, but it wasn't enough.

Fujita Talks Saints Retirement at Machu Picchu (VIDEO)

As if Scott Fujita’s retirement from the Saints  weren’t sentimental enough, the retired Who Dat recorded his speech at the top of Machu Picchu after signing his one-day-deal with the team. Fujita speaks about his love for New Orleans and his ties to the Saints, and it could just be the elevation, but he appears to tear up a bit. Steve Gleason accompanied Fujita on the 10,000 ft. trek to the top, and there’s even a cameo from his new state of the art synthetic voice. Click through to watch.

Scott Fujita Retires from NFL -as a New Orleans Saints Player

Scott Fujita came back to the Saints, then promptly retired from football Monday morning. Just so there was no shortage of drama to the scene, the transaction was all carried off from 11,000 ft. above sea level in Macchu Picchu.

Goodell Abdicates as Bounty Decider

It just may be Jonathan Vilma's lucky day. NFL Commissioner Goodell has recused himself from any bounty proceedings, handing the decision-making over to former commissioner Paul Tagliabue. This comes only days after all four Bounty-gate players implored Goodell to remove himself from the proceedings. Although not officially backed by the NFL Players' Association, Goodell says he consulted with the executive director before formally announcing his dis-involvement with the matter.

More Saints Bounty Suspensions Means More Appeals

The Bounty saga is poised to last well past the Saints' bye week. As Breesus foretold, the four current and former Saints players who were re-suspended by Roger Goodell earlier this week are appealing the NFL commissioner's ruling. The NFL reports Jon Vilma, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove all filed appeals this morning. As he's been known to do, Vilma added some extra spice to his dossier. The linebacker reportedly asked Goodell to recuse himself from the appeal.

Saints Players Re-Suspended by Goodell for Bounty Scandal

Bountygate ain't over yet, Saints fans. The Black and Gold players who were punished, then unpunished for their alleged roles in Bountygate will have to serve time away from the team after all, according to a statement issued by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Current Saints linebacker Jon Vilma, who is currently out with an injury, and defensive lineman Will Smith will have to serve their suspensions, as will former Saints Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove, the site reports.

Saints Players Appeal Bounty Banishments

Updated 10:30 p.m.

Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith and the two former New Orleans Saints linked to Bountygate had their day in court today, as they showed up in New York to appeal the stiff suspensions doled out by Roger Goodell. But instead of appealing directly to Goodell, the players were more interested blasting an appeal process they called unfair. According to ESPN, Vilma left his hearing after about an hour, and derided the the way he's been treated on the way out the door. Meanwhile, Smith, and ex-Saints Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove issued a statement that said they were only showing up for the appeal because they were afraid how the league would make them look if they didn't.

More Bounty Breaks: Goodell Suspends Saints' Jon Vilma, Will Smith

Just when the wound was starting to scab over until the games actually started, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell re-entered our lives today to mete out some more punishment. Middle Linebacker and Defensive Captain Jonathan Vilma will be suspended for an entire year for his role in the Saints' Bounty scandal, while defensive lineman Will Smith will be out for four games. 

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