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Defender Picks


Cops Get New Scooters, iPads from FQMD

Conditions are about to get tougher for Vieux Carre criminals, now that the cops have more two-wheeled transportation. NOPD boasts five brand new iPads and scooters, giving them the mobility to weave through traffic and a world of parking opportunities. 

Meeting of the Mopeds

The vespas are out in packs, and they're using less gas than you. As a gentle, non-confrontational reminder that the New Orleans convention industry is a big tent, the Republican mega-meeting just off Canal St. is complemented this weekend by AmeriVespa, an annual gathering of the scoote-inclined. Okay, well maybe they're a little confrontational: All of the group rides are originating from the Hilton Riverside, the same spot where the GOP conference is being held. And they seem to be out in force.

Hammered Home

This week we tackle one sad closing (Mary's Hardware,) the sad aftermath of another closing. (Alas, poor Scooters, you were a gentlemen in the rogue-ish world of fried chicken,) and a truly sad rebuilding update, namely a school.

So, join this week's construction communique as we start in the quarter and head down St. Claude. So, sit back, relax, strap on your seat belt, and enjoy the ride...

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