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Defender Picks


Burning Han?

SciFi Krewe Ready to Chewburnitall

The planet Kashyyyk is home to the wookies. The Nevada desert is home to Burning Man. But, only New Orleans can call themselves home to the first annual IGNITION:Chewburnitall. The three day art, music, and science extravaganza from the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is set to lift off October 15th through 18th.

Misgivings About Macondo Methane Microbes

Last year, around the time the Big Oozy was being capped and the TV crews were ready to move on, certain people wishing for the whole thing to be over were given the gift of algae. Oil-eating microbes, some scientists said, gobbled up all the oil, and made it disappear. It seemed the voice of Tony Hayward had summoned the microbes with his very plea for his life back. It was too good to be true! Well, the scientific process moves a little slower than CNN, but it seems there's a debate about the microbes to be had. Yesterday, a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal cast doubts about the validity of the Prophecy of the One-Celled Saviors.

Nobel Laureates Still Into Science

More than 40 Nobel Prize winning scientists sent a letter to Gov. Bobby Jindal today urging him to repeal a law that has been linked with teaching creationism in the classroom. The law, which allows teachers to use "supplemental materials" to teach questionable facets of science like, say, evolution and global warming, is widely seen as a move to get religion into classrooms across the Bayou State. Jindal said he didn't receive the letter, yet. Besides, he's busy considering more important matters to governing the state, like the one that wants to force candidates to submit their birth certificate.

New Crawfish Species Discovered

by Alexis Martinovich

With crawfish season around the corner, there might be more head to suck and tail to munch at some of this year's boils. Scientists in Shoal Creek, Tenn., found a new species of crawfish that's twice the normal size. Due to its hairy antenna, the find has been dubbed the Giant Bearded Crayfish. Not to be confused with the...well, ya, we'll be needing a bigger pot. Let's just leave it at that. National Geographic has photos and details.

The Phantom Plume

Maybe the independent scientists who discovered the giant underwater plumes of oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico have just watched too much science fiction. Just like in the movie Sphere, they're being controlled by an alien lifeform that forces their uberbrains to manifest doomsday scenarios. There has to be something going on. Because if the U.S. government can't find the oil,  it must not be there!

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