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Defender Picks


The Intoxicology Report

One Week of Gin

Welcome to the Intoxicology Report, a drinking journey with a few recommendations and a few lessons. This column is dedicated to my experience consuming one variety of alcohol for seven days straight. This time, we take on gin, my favorite spirit. No, it doesn’t always taste like Christmas trees. Yes, it is the basis for some of the best cocktails from which you ever need take a lingering sip.


Sazerac Storm Surge

The Sazerac Bar is going retro. Bust out your best vintage wear, and come celebrate the day women were first allowed to enjoy their drinks at the Roosevelt Hotel’s signature bar. On Friday, October 9th the Roosevelt is going to party like it’s 1949 to commemorate the day that the CBD hotspot went co-ed.

Ladies Ready to Storm the Sazerac

By Ashley Larsen

The Swinging 40’s are back, this Friday, at the Roosevelt’s Sazerac Bar. Bust out your best vintage wear, and come celebrate the day women were first allowed to enjoy their drinks at the Rooosevelt Hotel’s signature bar. Friday, October 26th marks the 65th anniversary of the bar going co-ed and the Roosevelt is throwing a party. 

Stormin' of the Sazerac Riles Up the Roosevelt Hotel Friday

by April Siese

Leave your pitchforks at home and break out the vintage wear instead. This Friday, September 28 marks the 63rd anniversary of the Stormin' of the Sazerac, the day that women were allowed at the famouos Sazerac Bar year-round. Before the bar had been purchased by Seymour Weiss, the previous two incarnates had only allowed women into the establishment during Mardi Gras, on Fat Tuesday only.

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