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Defender Picks


Chasing the Green Fairy

NoDef's Absinthe Day Guide

Ten years ago, the nationwide ban on absinthe was lifted in the United States after almost a century. Given how quickly the anise-flavored herbal spirit has become a staple in cocktails, it's hard to believe that for over 96 years New Orleanians lived without green frappés, drips, and daiquiris. Today (3.5) is National Absinthe Day, so how better to celebrate the spirit's rise from madness-inducing elixir of the bohemian set to the superstar ingredient in cocktails nationwide than with a comprehensive guide to the city's best absinthe-minded offerings. From tours of distilleries and museums to cocktail crawls across the Vieux Carre, read on for NoDef's guide to absinthe in New Orleans. 

Six Drinks for the 6th

Six NOLA Beverages for May 6, Nat'l Beverage Day

In honor of National Beverage Day, NoDef offers up a list of six drinks beloved in Crescent City. While outsiders think of hand grenades and Huge Ass Beers, New Orleanians know that our signature drinks are more diverse, and sometimes even non-alcoholic. 

We Stuff Stuff

Creole Cookin' with Anthony Scanio: Emeril's Delmonio Chef Traces Mighty Mississippi, Mirlitons

Emeril's Delmonico Chef de Cuisine Anthony Scanio returns with a look at how New Orleans has benefited from a river and a gourd.

At Home with the Sazerac

Shift Change: A Guide to Cozying up with Cocktails

Shift Change is a new column from Rhiannon Enlil. In honor of Repeal Day, the booze pro guides us through making one of New Orleans' favorite drinks at home. It's legal, so why not?

NOMA Speakeasy Closes World's Fairs Exhibit with Swing, Sazeracs

The New Orleans Museum of Art cuts loose for a little fun every Friday night, but this week the City Park institution will play host to a party befitting a flapper. To celebrate the last ride of an exhibit spotlighting the decorative arts of the World's Fairs, whispers around town tell us the museum is set to turn into a Speakeasy. From 5 p.m. - midnight on August 2,  the museum's galleries and Great Hall are set to play host to talks from musicians and gallerists alike, music to make you jitterbug and, of course, cocktails that make you want to drink like it's no longer legal.

Sazerac City

Owner of Cure, Bellocq Talks About Continuing the Tradition of New Orleans' Official Cocktail

As Tales of the Cocktail begins, booze buffs are gearing up for Spirited Dinners, demos and seminars like "Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker." But the annual event wouldn’t be complete without the legend of at least one libation, and there's no better place to turn than the official cocktail of the Crescent City. NoDef caught up with local bar owner and mixologist Neal Bodenheimer for the saga of the sazerac.

NoDef Cocktail of the Week: Lost Love Lounge: The Sazerac

Each week, NoDef will travel to local masters of mixologies, and learn about some of their favorite drinks. For our inaugural week, we travelled to our satellite office at the Lost Love Lounge. Co-Owner William Walker chose to eschew transient trends, and, instead, kick off the series with an old classic: the Sazerac.

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