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Defender Picks


Drinking Culture

NoDef's Resident Sinner Heads to the Saint

Gentle reader, I was not lost geographically – I was on Magazine Street, walking upriver through the Garden District – when I ran into our favorite Scotsman, Richie Wolfe. His arms loaded with Christmas presents from a Magazine shopping trip, Richie said he’d been trying to get home for hours. I had done myself great harm over the weekend, and the weekend had spilled over the walls of Sunday like Attila and his hordes, pillaging into Wednesday.  Somewhere on the wrong side of midnight, already concussed with drink and needing succor; Richie and I careened left and into The Saint.

Burden of Proof

Nick Detrich Offers a Low Proof Drink Map, a Guide for Drinking During Tales of the Cocktail

Tales is a time of great excess, and a drinker's best friend is a low proof drink regiment. Mixology master Nick Detrich, owner of the new proto-tiki restaurant & bar, Cane and Table (1113 Decatur), gives readers some tips on where to get tipsy. 

Today's Events: 12.12.11

Today, we send off Coco Robicheaux with a second line and musical tribute, House of Pleasures screens at Chalmette Movies, and Strange Baby plays their first show at the Saint after a free screening of Dancehall Queen. But on previous 12/12s, Delhi replaced Calcutta as India’s capital (1911), Frank Sinatra was born (1915), the first motel (the Motel Inn) opened in California (1925), and Free Willy’s killer whale Keiki died (2003). Now back to today:

Today's Events: 8.8.11

August 8, when Brigham Young was chosen to lead the Mormons after Joseph Smith died (1844), when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency because of the Watergate scandal (1974) and when the Summer Olymipcs opened in Beijing (2008). It's hot and it's humid, but use these activities to distract yourself from the sweat:

Today's Events: 7.11.11

July 11, when Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities was published (1859), when The U.S. Marine Corps was created by an act of Congress (1798), when Big Ben chimed for the first time (1859), when Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel (1804), when Tijuana, Mexico was founded (1889), when Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird was first published (1960), when E.B. White (1899) and Lil’ Kim were born (1975), and when George Gershwin died (1937). So read some lit., eat a crumpet, drink a Horchata, and see some French films, which are among these offerings:

Today's Events: 6.6.11

June 6, when the first slaves arrive in Louisiana (1716), when Levi Strauss makes his first blue jeans (1850), Tetris is released (1984), Uncle Kracker is born (1974), Carl Jung dies (1961), Memorial Day in South Korea, National Day in Sweden, Teacher’s Day in Bolivia, Queensland Day in Queensland, and National Huntington’s Disease Awareness Day in the United States. In conclusion, here's how we would celebrate Tetris's birthday:

Saint Shooting, Solved

February 16th marked a violent crime outside the L.G.D's beloved dive, The Saint. A late night phone call outside the bar quickly turned into a run-in with two armed men on the 900 block of St. Mary; after demanding the 24 year old's mobile device, the men responded to his refusal with skin on skin attacks and open fire. With the whole scene caught on tape, a survived victim, and a Crimestoppers tip, WDSU reports that  the culprits have finally been found. 19-year-old Shaquille Cooper and 20-year-old Gregg Kagler were officially arrested yesterday by NOPD, after an anonymous caller from Crimestoppers chimed in to identify/confirm these two as suspects...what a saint. 


Shooting at the Saint

A man stepped outside of the Lower Garden District dive The Saint early Wednesday morning to talk on his cell phone, and ended up shot. New Orleans police said the 24-year-old man man was approached by two men around 3 a.m in the bar, located at the 900 block of St. Mary St. They attempted to hold him up and take his cell phone, but the man did not give up the device. The men skirmished, and the victim was shot after being hit several times, police said. In the end, the two men got the victim's phone. 

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