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Durst Drama

Controversial con Robert Durst is one step closer to ending his protracted visit to New Orleans. On Wednesday (4.27), the eccentric real estate heir and suspected murderer was sentenced to serve seven years and one month in a federal penitentiary according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Final Durstination?

New Orleans has a long history of tourists who wind up staying in the city. Controversial con Robert Durst might be the latest addition to that list. Despite a March 2015 extradition order from California, Durst is still in a Louisiana jail and it looks like his stay will stretch into the New Year. Court documents show that change-of-plea hearing originally scheduled for Thursday (12.17) was postponed yesterday.

Doubling Down on Durst

Despite an extradition order on Monday (3.16), Robert Durst’s New Orleans adventure is not over yet. In addition to the new murder charge in California, Louisiana authorities also booked the controversial con with a few infractions of our own.

Durst Dispersed

New Orleanians will have to rely on HBO on demand for their Robert Durst fix. For the second time, the eccentric millionaire is being extradited from the Crescent City to stand trial for first degree murder.

Bye-Jinx: Durst Arrested Pending Extradition in NOLA

HBO and New Orleans just found another crossover. Shortly before the finale of the cable network’s documentary on Robert Durst, Durst was arrested in the Crescent City. An outstanding Los Angeles County warrant for murder resulted in Durst’s incarceration in OPP pending an extradition hearing.

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