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Defender Picks


Age of Van: New Year's Eve

The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Reflects on Past New Year's Eve Gigs

In his latest column, The Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham remembers every New Year's Eve gig, from Four Loko in Virginia to frisky fans on Frenchmen. 

You Gotta Have Faith

Age of Van: The Music Industry's Circle of Trust

In his latest column, The Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham recalls a gig that almost went wrong, and how it showed him the music industry's backbone.

Road Rations

Age of Van: The Not-So-Dark Side of the Food

The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham once again tackles the touring meal. This week, the saxophonist recalls the flavors of the road.

Dark Side of the Food

Age of Van: Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Dietary Limitations on Tour

The rock n' roll lifestyle may be decadent, but that doesn't apply to the food plan. The Revivalists'  saxophonist Rob Ingraham talks about the unsavory meal choices musicians must make on the road. 

Keeping Time

Age of Van: The Tour Time-Compression Phenomenon

The Revivalists' saxophonist, Rob Ingraham, explains why when you're on tour, time is never on your side. More on sound checks, sleep loss, and cross country bus travel. 

Number Two, Part Two

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham's Guide to Going on the Go

The Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham introduced his guide to Bowl Patrol, and he is back with some specific touring tips on choosing the right bathroom when options are limited. 

Bowl Patrol

Age of Van: Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Going 'Number Two' on Tour

Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham introduces 'The Poop Columns'. The touring musician explains one of the most necessary, and most difficult, aspects of life on the road.

Tried and Fested

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Presents a Musician's View of Festival Season

In this week's installment of Age of Van, Rob Ingraham talks about navigating the complex circuitry of logistics and dad outfits that makes up festival season.

Learning to Live Together

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Co-Habitation in this Week's Column

Rob Ingraham of the Revivalists discusses the downsides of living in close quarters. The saxophonist dispels myths of overnight success, stressing the highs and lows of living together along the way. 

Principals, Not Principles

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Gives Readers Some Bandmate Background

The Revivalists' saxaphonist, Rob Ingraham, gives readers and fans a bandmate breakdown in this week's column. Read on to find out who plays what, where everyone is from, even their astrological signs.

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