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Defender Picks


Del Fuego, En Fuego?

Mexican on Magazine, First Look

Hola, amantes del tacos, there’s a new place in town to express your Mexican food amor — Del Fuego Taqueria over on Magazine Street.

NoDef Film Review: The Unknown Known

By Jason Raymond

At the end of The Unknown Known Errol Morris ask Donald Rumsfeld, "Why the hell are you talking to me?"  For the first time in the movie, you see Rumsfeld basically lie.  He doesn't come up with a direct answer.  For Rummy, the Malus Scriptorum of the Pentagon, has been witty and direct for untold hours.  Suddenly he's evasive.

Tennessee in Texas

Review: Art Klub & Southern Rep's 'The Night of the Iguana'

Refuge can be found at the bottom of a bottle, the end of a paintbrush, or at a hotel in rural Mexico; redemption usually takes rage, laughs, and the kindness of others. Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguana provides a thoroughly heart-wrenching and entertaining, if at times confusing, exploration of these two themes.

Hollywood South Film Review: Ender's Game

The novel Ender’s Game was mana for many of us who had troubled middle schools, but Gavin Hood’s adaptation succeeds as a slick, competent actioner any dull bob can enjoy. That’s definitely better news than surrounded the film prior to its release. But Ender’s Game embraces a pounding score and lens flare over the more complex objectives of friendship and cultural prejudice.

The American Way

A NoDef Movie Review

After sitting through the The American, I get the feeling that I could have just watched a great movie and instead I sat through a pretty good movie.

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