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Defender Picks


Incarnate Reviewed

By Michael Martin

Although I didn’t cover the Tulane Shakespeare Festival’s Incarnate before its brief run ended, I don’t want to let it pass without comment. This second collaboration between the festival and the performance art collective Compleat Stage was far and away the loveliest pastiche – whoever coined the phrase “devised theatre” should be weighted down with thesauri and tossed into a river – which I’ve seen in town. I hope it returns next season.

The Hangover: Tales Photo Wrap

Photos by Dr. Bill Copen

Tales of the Cocktail has ended for 2015 leaving libations-lovers with visions of sugar  plum sours swimming in their heads. NoDef’s Dr. Bill Copen was there to cover all the action. Linked below, readers can catch up with his daily updates to check out what they missed (or forgot). Likewise, on Saturday (7.18), the winners of the annual Spirited Awards were announced. Check out who won titles like “american Bartender of the Year.”

Calling NOLA: Garth Brooks Reviewed

By Brad Bohannan

Garth Brooks made his first show in New Orleans a night to remember!  Performing to the first of four sold out crowds  at the Smoothie King Center, Garth opened the show saying he would play this concert the way he likes to watch a concert--playing mostly his hits. Sticking to his word, the country music icon only played two songs off his new album. Hit after hit poured from the stage and an excited crowd responded eagerly.  

The Sunday Critic

Lesson Found: Generation INK's Strays Reviewed

Kate Bailey’s well-crafted new barroom drama, Strays, is a tricky piece of business, both for its actors and its audience. To describe it reductively, let’s call it The Big Chill meets Betrayal for the millennial generation. A tight group of college friends, united especially by the mysterious death of Victor, one of their own, reveal what happened to fray their ideals and the bonds that held them together in scenes that unfold in reverse chronological order. The work begins on a night when only two of the gang show up at their hang-out bar for the annual drinkathon in Victor’s honor and ends, four scenes later and four years earlier, on the night of his death.

Southern Rep's Sausage Party

BOUDIN: The New Orleans Music Project

I did not set out to opening night to write a review of BOUDIN: The New Orleans Music Project at Southern Rep. I took no notes during the performance or when I got home last night, and thoughtlessly left my program on my seat in my hurry to get to the bathroom after the show. I went to the show out of a certain pride of ownership, having submitted and had accepted into their online collection an old Wet Bank Guide piece on the project’s theme of How New Orleans Music Saved My Life.

The Sunday Critic

If You Breathe, It Breaks
: The Glass Menagerie at ABCT

Gwendolyne Foxworth’s portrayal of Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie alone makes the ABTC production worth your time…at least if you haven’t visited Tennessee Williams’ game-changing memory play for awhile, or ever. (Even then, I assume no plot summary is necessary. This is one of those perennials that every theater lover “knows” even if they don’t know it.)

Opera Ends Season With Figaro's High Note

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was pretty damn good at composition. The virtuoso’s life and work inspired several movies and hundreds of books. His work is as close to sing-along music as the classical genre has to offer. So, when the New Orleans Opera Association chose to stage his The Marriage of Figaro this weekend, they had a success before the curtain even lifted.

Mailbag: ProjectNOLA Demands City Support

ProjectNOLA founder, Bryan Lagarde is angry with City Hall. Today, he writes an open letter to the Mayor demanding that the City help maintain the ProjectNOLA camera system by assisting in the search for private funding as well as supplying volunteers to screen crime footage. 

Drinking Culture

NoDef's Resident Sinner Heads to the Saint

Gentle reader, I was not lost geographically – I was on Magazine Street, walking upriver through the Garden District – when I ran into our favorite Scotsman, Richie Wolfe. His arms loaded with Christmas presents from a Magazine shopping trip, Richie said he’d been trying to get home for hours. I had done myself great harm over the weekend, and the weekend had spilled over the walls of Sunday like Attila and his hordes, pillaging into Wednesday.  Somewhere on the wrong side of midnight, already concussed with drink and needing succor; Richie and I careened left and into The Saint.

Voodoo Review

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook is Surprisingly Interesting, Accurate

Before jumping into Kenaz Filan's book on voodoo, a little context is necessary. I am a self-proclaimed “religion nerd.” Not only are the concepts, truths, and commonalities amongst the various religions of the world of interest to me; they are, in fact, my livelihood and life’s work as I am also a religious studies scholar. During my undergraduate years, I studied Religion & Philosophy, and now, as a graduate student, I am studying Catholic theology. For my senior thesis as an undergraduate – having the deep love for and connection to all things New Orleans that I maintain to this day – I jumped at the opportunity to pursue a project in “comparative religions.” More specifically, what topic did I choose to focus on? None other than the syncretic relationship of Catholicism and Voodoo in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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