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Defender Picks


Smooth Finish

The Crescent City Classic is all New Orleasn whihc is to say that drinking and walking are both respectable p[arts of the race. Still, the annual 10k is still a respected destination on the running circuit and pros come to compete. Saturday's (3.26) race provided some reall challenges for serious sprinters.

Clinton Cruises, Trump Towers

On Saturday (3.05), Lousianans heded to the polls. After the levers were pulled and the votes tallies, the frontrunners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emerged victoriuous in the Democratic and Republican primaries respectively. Click on through for the full results including the local races.

Horse Play

Thanksgiving Day Results From the Fair Grounds

Beyond the hats and the booze that are Thanksgiving at the Fair Grounds, there is also horse racing. For those readers who visited the parimutuel machines, but then had to dash out for Thanksgiving dinner (or imbided a bit too much), here are Thursday's (11.26) results and payouts.

Ballot Blowout

Edwards Upsets Vitter

Saturday (11.21) bore witness to one of the largest upsets in Louisana political history. Democrat John Bel Edwards defeated Republican David Vitter by nearly ten percent to become the next goveror of Louisiana.Billy Nunguesser offed Kip Jolden tot winthe race for Lieutenant Governor and Jeff Landry outed incumbent James "Buddy" Caldwell for Attorney General.

Going Ballot-istic

Election Results In: Edwards, Vitter Head to RunOff

The polls are closed, the votes are counted, and the elction held few surprises in the outcome, but a couple in the numers. As expected, John Bel Edwards will be heading to a runoff with David Vitter. However, Vitter's 23 percent is much lower than expected for the favorite and Edwards' 40 percent is providing some promise to Team Blue Dat. Locally, the Quarter tax easily won approval. Click on through for full results. 

Day at the Beach (AVP Results)

Jimmy Graham may have headed to the Pacific Northwest, but NOLA was the scene of many slams and spikes this weekend. The season opening AVP New Orleans Open tourney wrapped up a display of world class beach volleyball this weekend.

Drinking and the Job

Folklore in New Orleans dictates that the City is run by the hospitality industry. A second piece of street wisdom posits that this town is not stranger to substance abuse. New government data ranks drinking and drug use by profession, and not surprisingly both the service industry and arts & entertainment rank high on the list.

Finish Fine: CCC Winners

The Crescent City Classic is one of the few races that does not discourage drinking or walking. However, the annual 10k is still a respected destination on the running circuit and pros come to compete. Saturday’s (4.04) race provided a thrilling finish for the serious sprinters.

Election Results

Louisianans headed to the polls yesterday. Congressman Bill Cassidy unseated incumbent Mary Landrieu. In Orleans Parish, a millage for education easily passed and Desiree Cook-Calvin and Monique Barial won judgeships. Full results follow.

Photeaux Finish: Orleans Parish Election Results

Updated 11:40p.m.

The polls closed at 8:00p.m. Tuesday (11.04) night. The projections held true, and Senator Mary Landrieu will face Representative Bill Cassidy in a runoff in the U.S. Senate race. In the Sixth, Edwin edwards and Garret Graves are also heading to a runoff. There are still several ballot initiatives an several judicial races not called yet. Stay with NoDef for all you r election updates. Results follow.

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