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Defender Picks


Brawl Monitor

Hutson Responds to OIG Attack

Alan Moore is smiling somewhere. His question, “Who watches the watchmen?” provides a quick summary of the most recent question in New Orleans government. On Tuesday (9.29), New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux publicly released an intense letter demanding that the Ethics Review Board fire Independent Police Monitor Susan Hutson for "ethical misconduct and unprofessional conduct.” At 11p.m. on Wednesday (9.30) night, Hutson fired back with a letter of her own.

Morrell Fires Back at Chicago Tribune's McQueary

The Chicago Tribune’s Kristen McQueary conjured public outrage on Thursday (8.13) after penning a tasteless commentary piece in which she suggested that Chicago would be a better place if it was hit by a Katrina-esque storm. The denizens of social media were not impressed by a followup piece that did not offer an apology. Today, the backlash migrated from Facebook to RL with Louisiana State Senator J.P. Morrell weighing in on the matter.

Mailbag: "Stories That Do Not Belong to You," A Response to Beller's NY'er Piece

Tulane prof Dr. Thomas Beller recently published "Don't Call It Katrina," an essay about the Federal Flood and Katrina in The New Yorker magazine. the essay was received with critical kudos and social media buzz. However, reader Robin McDowell was not impressed. Below she offers a rebuttal arguing that Beller's article continues a dangerous practice of subjugating minorities.

Shaking the Tree

Park Fires Back After Another Protester Makes the Climb

Another protester opposed to the construction of a golf course occupied a tree in City Park this weekend. This time, the park got more aggressive in their response. In a detailed explanation of their stance, the Park declared their intent to push civil and criminal cases against the man in the tree.

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