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RLC 2014: Jindal, Duck Dynasty's Robertson Among La. Headliners

Update 4:30 p.m.

One of the Republican Party's biggest national meetings arrived in New Orleans this week. Along with the food, the Republican Leadership Conference had plenty of local flourishes, including speeches from Gov. Bobby Jindal and Monroe's own Phil Robertson. Highlights through Friday's events below:

Tea Time

Talking FreedomWorks

During the locally-staged, nationally watched Republican Leadership Conference, Michael T. Martin sat down with David Spielman, a member of one of the most influential organizations in the Tea Party faction.

Bids in the Hall

Notes from the Republican Leadership Conference

At the giant GOP meeting being held in New Orleans, Haley Barbour urges everyone to unite in opposition to Barack Obama, Herman Cain defends his lack of foreign policy experience, and Ron Paul seems to have the skater vote sewn up.

Herding the Elephants: Presidential Candidates, Gipper to Highlight GOP Conference

The circus is in town, but this weekend's real pachyderm pinnacle will be a little closer to Canal St., over at the Hitlon Riverside. As the hour of the Mike Huckabee book signing and photo line tolled at 1 p.m., this year's Republican Leadership Conference kicked off its second straight appearance in the City of (Presidential) Dreams. The billboard names will be out in force once again: Bachmann, Newt, Paul, Santorum, Matalin and, of course, (P.) Bush. This year also marks the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration, so we're gearing up for the most Star Wars references in the CBD this side of Comic Con.

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