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Defender Picks


Vinyl Destination

Record Raid Returns for Spring Fair

For any music lover, it’s hard to beat the rush that comes with finding a hard-sought LP. “It’s a bit like treasure hunting,” said Hunter King, a WTUL DJ and founder of Record Raid. “There’s a sense like, ‘I can’t believe this found it’s way to me.’ And to play vinyl, it’s a bit ritualistic. There’s a ceremony to it, you know?” On Saturday (5.13), audiophiles and physical format neophytes alike will share in the day of digging with the music-focused flea market offering live DJs spinning music, raffles, food trucks, and of course, vinyl. 

Today in NOLA: 2.20.16

Get ready for a vinyl overload with the record raid today! Then later, DJ Soul Sister spins her impressive collection at Hi-Ho. If you prefer your music live, Papa Mali, Kirk Joseph, and Kid Merv are jamming on Frenchmen. Or check out something entirely different with the Monster Jam. On this day in 2013, FEMA discovered some of the oldest Native American archeologic artifacts south of Lake Pontchartrain - Pottery sherds, animal bones and pieces of clay tobacco pipes. Now, more ways to seize your Saturday.

Today in NOLA: 1.24.15

A record raid, a picture show and a freaksheaux are all part of the courses on Saturday's nightlife menu. Sirens play at One Eyed Jacks with Yes Ma'am. The Ogden celebrates the closing of P.3, and Airlift's Space Rites Series (P.3 satellite program) puts on its final performance showcasing an altarpiece of TV screens rigged to interpret sound waves in St. Maurice Church. The constitution of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange was adopted on this day in 1871. Now, back to things to do this Saturday. 

Record Raid Returns to Bywater for 15th Spin

With DJs, live music, raffles, and an after-party, Saturday’s Record Raid in the Bywater feels like it could be an anniversary celebration. It’s just that local DJ and Record Raid founder Hunter King has hosted so many of the occasional music markets, he can’t keep track anymore.

Record Raid Returns to Tulane

The Record Raid has been showing off to downtown denizens over the past couple shows, but now the event is ready to head back Uptown. On Saturday, the open-air vinyl bazaar heads to Zimple Quad at Tulane University  from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., letting the hunt for the obscure bit of music gold unfold under the live oak trees.

Record Raid Takes Bywater

Helping music lovers wax lyrical since 2009, the quarterly-ish “music flea market” known as the Record Raid gathers vendors from all over the Gulf Coast to sell their wares. On Saturday, June 29, the needle will drop for the second time this year, heading back downtown with a new summer location at the Old Ironworks (612 Piety St.) in the Bywater.

Today in New Orleans: 7.21.12

Today, the Swamp Pop festival goes down up in Gonzales, the Record Raid hits St. Claude, and the Krewe of Chewbacchus takes over Tip’s, but not if PUEWC has anything to say about it. On this day in history, late clarinet and sax palyer Omer Simeon was born in New Orleans (1902), and prolific session player Plas Johnson was born in Donaldsonville (1931). Now for more of today:

For the Record(s)

A Nodef Photo Essay

Saturday morning found the heat turned way up at the Iron Rail Collective, but for a change, the passion concerned the benefits of commerce. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the Marigny, your neighborhood anarcho-punkrock-syndicate was raging for the machinery of musical production, specifically in vinyl form.

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