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Defender Picks


Bitter Sweet

Negroni Week Begins

In New Orleans, we really don’t need any excuses to drink, but that doesn’t stop us from finding new reasons all the same. For example, for the next five days, we will be celebrating Negroni Week. As part of a national charity campaign sponsored by Campari and Imbibe Magazine, bars across the United States will be serving this classic Italian aperitivo cocktail and donating $1 or more to charity. Here in the Crescent City, the United States Bartenders’ Guild and Tales of the Cocktail have partnered to support the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation, a nonprofit providing medical assistance to local musicians.

Emeril's Carnival Cocktails (Recipes)

What is Carnival without a cocktail… or three? In honor of the season, the folks at Emeril’s New Orleans restaurants are rolling out some Mardi Gras specials on their list of libations. If you’re too busy with glue gunning your costume to make it out for a drink, you can still enjoy one at home. Recipes follow.

Gumbo Yeah-Yeah!

A Recipe from Emeril's for National Gumbo Day

Every day in Louisiana is a gumbo day, but for the rest of America, October 12th is National Gumbo Day. In honor of the holiday, NoDef sought out a great recipe for those who did not learn the secrets from their paw-paw. (Hint: First you make a roux). Emeril’s Chef de Cuisine David Slater was happy to oblige with this great recipe for Seafood Gumbo.

Hydration Station

Three Cocktails To Fight the August Heat From Nick Detrich

There are many ways to fight the August heat: pools, hydration, air conditioning, etceteras. At NoDef HQ, our chosen heat-beater is an adult beverage. So, we turned to  to our preferred publican, Nick Detrich of Cane & Table (113 Decatur Street) for some suggestions.

Charles DarGin (Recipe)

Cocktail aficionados (and a few guest who just enjoy a well-made drink) descended upon Bellocq (at the Hotel Modern) on Tuesday (8.04) evening for Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition. After much sipping, NOLA’s Matthew Steinvorth and his “The Charles Dargin” emerged victorious, earning a trip to Vegas for nationals.

Damn Sure Better than Rain: National Moonshine Day

Today (6.05) is National Moonshine Day. Once known as the domain of rednecks and hillbillies, moonshine’s appeal expanded into hipsters over the last few years. If all three of those demographics lack appeal for you, fear not. NoDef spoke with Cane & Table’s Nick Detrich, the People’s Publican, to learn about the meat of the matter, not the marketing.

Run for the Rouse's (Mint Julep Recipes)

Derby Day is nearly upon us. Any fan of the ponies will tell you that the run for the roses is as much about drinks as it is about the horses. And, it’s not just about drinks; it's about one drink: the Mint Julep. NoDef turned to the CureCo krewe for some innovative takes on the classic julep. Recipes follow.

Crawfish Adrian (Recipe)

Some festers start longing for more Crawfish Monica about thirty minutes after they leave the Fair Grounds. Of course, only Cajun Kettle makes the Monica, but there is still some hope. NoDef reached out to Cane & Table’s Chef Jason Klutts for some tips about a distant cousin of the dish that his family calls Crawfish Adrian.

Griller Warfare

Marcus Jacobs of Herbsaint & Sparklehorse Talks Grilling (Recipe)

Marcus Jacobs, Executive Sous Chef at Herbsaint, is getting ready to pop-up Sparklehorse Grill, his collaboration with fellow Herbsaint staffer Caitlin Carney on March 29. Spraklehorse's travelling kitchen inlcudes a smoker, a wok, and a charcoal grill creating an effect that Jacobs calls, “smoke, fire, and spectacle.” With temperatures rising, NoDef took the opportunity to grill the chef about some outdoor cooking tips.

The Bloody Jerk (Recipe)

New Year’s Eve done right can leave revelers feeling a little dehydrated on New Year’s Day. For those trying to make the most of the holiday, a trip to the well is often in order. One of the most popular cocktails to kick off the new year is the Bloody Mary. Nick Detrich of Cane & Table (1113 Decatur Street) gave us the recipe for his favorite variation on the classic.

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