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Bell Spell: Jinxed Creamery Issues Another Recall

The popular southern creamery Blue Bell issued an ice cream recall (again) on Wednesday (5.03) evening. This time the issue is not Listeria, but a simple case of mislabelling.

For Whom The (Blue) Bell Tolls

Blue Bell is back in Louisiana, but the troubles for the popular southern ice cream makers maybe just starting. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the corporation committed criminal acts while reacting to last year’s Listeria outbreak according to CNN.

Ringing That (Blue) Bell

The odds of a white Christmas in Louisiana are pretty slim, but locals will receiving a different cold treat during this holiday season. Blue Bell Ice Cream announced that there popular products will once again be available in the Pelican State come Monday (12.21).

Total Recall: Jindal Edition?

Louisianans have been pushed past a critical threshold and the Recall Jindal movement is on in full force. Sort of. A petition for the Governor’s removal circulating online has garnered thousands of signatures, but the effort is not quite compliant with the actual laws about booting an elected official in the Boot.

Iced: NOLA Retailers Pull Blue Bell

On Tuesday (4.21) morning, one freezer case at the French Quarter Rouse’s sat conspicuously empty. The section previously housed Blue Bell products, but Listeria linked to their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream resulted in a voluntary recall of the entire product line.

Listeria Hysteria at Manda Fine Meats

About 480,000 pounds of meat went uneaten over the weekend as it was wiped from the shelves. If that sounds like the worst news in a while, rest assured that this flesh could have been deadly. The U.S. Department of Agriculture called on Louisiana-based Manda Fine Meats was forced to recall a slew of packaged deli meats and other products after warning signs emerged that the meat was contaminated with the bacteria listeria.

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