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Defender Picks


Ray Lewis, Scott Fujita Proffer Theories of NFL Power

Many have come to New Orleans and marveled at the futility of our utilities, but Ray Lewis is taking vitriol at Entergy to a new level. In a recent interview, Lewis put down the deer antler spray and picked up a tin foil hat when discussing the infamous power outage that left February's Super Bowl in the dark for 30 minutes. According to USA Today, the since-retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker told NFL Films that it was more than just a faulty part that turned out the lights. 

Mitch Ross Hawks Deer Antler Spray Before Super Bowl in New Orleans

In addition to being a football game, the Super Bowl is a media feeding frenzy. Nowhere this week has that been more evident than the controversy surrounding the muscle building substance deer antler spray and Baltimore Ravens hero Ray Lewis' alleged sampling of said performance enhancer. After letting the controversy swirl for a week, the extract's proponent Mitch Ross popped up in New Orleans today to talk up his product.

Super Bowl XLVII: Humpday Notes

Ray Lewis, Refs and Security in Focus as Build Up to Big Game Rolls On

As Super Bowl week wears on, officials and competitors alike are starting to feel the pressure ratcheting up as the Big Game gets closer. As the parties go on, New Orleans is getting closer to its weekend security lockdown, and the NFL officially named the game's referees, bringing back accusations that the league cheated them to the top.

Media Day: NOLA, Family, ESP, & Gumbo

LA Natives, Jones and Reed Talk Alongside Harbaugh, Flacco

With Super Bowl logos strewn throughout the stadium, and the names of teams on the field that aren't the Saints, the Superdome is all dressed up. The new suit is fitting, given the high stakes of Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII.

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