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Defender Picks


The Intoxicology Report

One Week of Tequila

Welcome to the Intoxicology Report, a drinking journey with a few recommendations and a few lessons. This column is dedicated to my experience consuming one variety of alcohol for seven days straight. Ahead of National Tequila Day on July 24th, we begin with the spirit from our southern neighbor, and a favorite of 20-somethings everywhere. Shots!


Sofia Coppola Shares Her NOLA Faves

Sofia Coppola’s appreciation for New Orleans was hard won. Initially turned off by Bourbon Street tourist traps, the Oscar-winning screenwriter, director, and actress (folks, forgive her for The Godfather III) fell in love after spending two months living in NOLA while working on her newest film The Beguiled. During her time in Hollywood South, she developed a list of her favorite spots around town, which she kindly shared Conde Nast Traveler.


Drinking Culture

NoDef's Bar Columnist Visits the R Bar

Gentle reader, I wandered into the R Bar and it was dark like a good bar should be. Three O’clock in the afternoon and it was still dark inside. The walls were vertical slats of cracked wood, faded bordello red. Above that, black metal paneling reached to the ceiling and continued like a black sky. More cracked wood along the bar, brown and rich. Friendly kind of gloom. No music played. A humming silence reverberated from the last juke box song, dead before I had arrived. They say Bukowski stayed at the inn upstairs. Good place to start.  

R Bar Celebrates 20th Birthday Week

Instead of pinning dollars with safety pins, patrons at the R Bar can drop their birthday bills in the tip jar. The Marigny’s R Bar (1431 Royal St.) is celebrating its 20th birthday week. The weekend is full of food, and throwback music and bartenders, said co-owner Bailey Smith.  

Anthony Bourdain's N.O. Layover Airs Tonight

Over the summer, NoDef ran into famous foodie Anthony Bourdain at R-Bar (1431 Royal Street), during his latest NOLA adventure. Our field reporters were more than a little star-struck in the presence of the the traveled critic, but we gathered a wealth of information about Bourdain’s visit from the cunning use of Twitter.

Denzel Washington Well-Suited to R-Bar

by Emma Boyce

Michael Hainey’s interview with Denzel Washington in the current issue of GQ magazine touches on everything from acting to his spiritual roots growing up with an estranged preacher father to Obama’s presidency. There's also a little local lagniappe in this edition of the men's style magazine, and it doesn't involve Alan Richman.

Anthony Bourdain's New Orleans Layover

As he's been known to do, Culinary King and NOLAphile Anthony Bourdain made a trek across New Orleans neighborhood bars and eateries Sunday. While we won't get to see the episode of The Layover for a while, the chef cum pundit let the public in on his thoughts, both in person and via the Twitter. Here's where we found him:

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