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Today in NOLA 8.29.17

Today, we remember Hurricane Katrina. Twelve years ago, Hurricane Katrina came whirling out of the Gulf. We are painfully familiar with the levee breaks, flooding, death, and dislocation that followed. Across the city, we pause to remember, reopen, and rejoice at some of the rebuilding. We are also conscious of our safety during the current Hurricane Harvey, with rain that has led many New Orleanians to stay close to home. There are still a few events around town that the more adventurous resident can attend. Rebirth Brass Band will play their recurring gig at the Maple Leaf, or venture over to Frenchmen to see locals-gone-big Water Seed take the stage at Blue Nile. Pitchfork Radio kicks off their NOLA invasion with some star-studded radio broadcasts. Gasa Gasa will project back-to-back screenings of Kill Bill. Read on for details below. 

One For Eight

Over the last five years, Quentin Tarantino made enough visits to New Orleans to provide locals with a host of NSFW stories about their encounters with the director. Apparently, he liked SoLa. The AMC Elmwood Palace in Harqhan made the short list of theaters picked to screen Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

Django Unchained Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Celebrity sightings aside, living in Hollywood South doesn't afford us too many perks when it comes to the movies themselves. Sure, some of us might get to be extras, but we have to see the movies at the same time as everyone else. (Or after depending on if the film has a tiered release schedule that favors the "primary markets"). In the case of Django Unchained, or at least its newly released trailer, we don't even get to see ourselves on the screen. Watch the trailer after the jump, and see a movie that was shot in New Orleans, but looks like it wasn't.

Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' Just a Tease So Far

Hollywood South is all around us, but like the superheroes it seeks to portray, the local film industry remains just out of sight. Those who wondered if Quentin Tarantino was indeed  filming a movie set in New Orleans had more to add to the conspriacy theory yesterday. What could be a promotional tool for Django Unchained (right) surfaced on many a film crazy news outlet, but, as others immediatly noticed, the name of the movie was not written on the supposed "teaser poster." It simply says, "The New Movie From Quentin Tarantino."

Samuel L. Jackson Dusts Off Ezekiel 25:17 to Introduce the Hornets (VIDEO)

There was already a bit of foreboding surrounding tonight's Hornets game, what with the All-Star point guard who once played for us returning in another team's jersey. So, to counter, the Hornets decided to summon Samuel L. Jackson to introduce the team. In town to film an upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie, the notoriously badass actor used a monolgue from another Quentin Tarantino movie to send a message to the Clippers. Something must've worked, as the Hornets won the game, 97-90. Click through to view.

Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' to Film in NOLA

Through the years, New Orleans' ready-made movie sets (d.b.a. the city) have been the backdrop for cult attracters Easy Rider, Steve McQueen and Nicholas Cage (reality and movie for him!). Quentin Tarantino could probably tell us a dozen more that are way better, but that's why he gets the megaphone. In any case, the man who gave us Pulp Fiction and a lot of grotesque violence that was somehow funny appears poised to add his own crop of NOLA scenes to the canon when he films his next project, Django Unchained, here next year, according to the New Orleans Office of Film and Video.

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