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Defender Picks


Promotin’ the General Welfare

Rebirth of a Notion

On Saturday, August 12th, 2017, competing protesters met on the streets of Charlottesville, VA, to make their respective cases for and against a more inclusive America. Call it America homogenous v. America heterogeneous. 


Cop Killers of Alton Sterling Will Not Face Charges, Report Says

This summer will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Alton Sterling. The Baton Rouge resident was shot and killed by police on July 5th by two local police officers, in an incident that inspired protests and marches throughout the country. On Tuesday (5.2) afternoon, it was reported that the Justice Department will not file charges against the two Baton Rouge police officers, who shot Sterling several times at short range.

May Day March (Photos)

Workers Unite to Protest Politics of Hate

On Monday (5.1), hundred of New Orleans workers rallied together to strike and march for freedom, employment, justice, and sanctuary for all. The protest is one of a series of global marches occurring on May Day, the international workers' holiday.

NOLA Photographer a Pulitzer Prize Finalist

On Monday (4.10), local photographer Jonathan Bachman was announced as a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize. Bachman was nominated in the category of Breaking News Photography for an image he took during the July 2016 protests in Baton Rouge. 

Coffee Shop Talk: Presidential Protestors

A Conversation With a Trump Voter-Turned-Activist

I’m one of those coffee shop writers. Over the years I have met individuals who have expanded my awareness and become connections for new jobs, events, and experiences, whilst enjoying the caffeinated brews. As a writer with an insatiable curiosity, I decided to use my networking skills to become the Coffee Shop Storyteller of New Orleans. All the stories shared here are from consequential strangers and newfound friends that I meet over a cup of joe. 

Broad Theater to Take Part in ‘1984’ International Protest

It’s not often that people can take part in an auteur-directed protest. But this Tuesday (4.4) will mark an international arts statement, with almost 200 theaters across America, Canada, England, Sweden, and Croatia screening the dystopian drama “1984,” directed by Michael Radford. Art-house theater The Broad will rep New Orleans as the sole local cinema involved with the event. 


NOLA Women Strike and Rally to Share 'A Day Without A Woman'

Women across the country are on strike today (3.8) as part of a demonstration coinciding with International Women’s Day. Following the Women’s March, which saw over 2 million people march in the U.S. for gender justice, the organizers took inspiration from the recent success of “A Day Without Immigrants” to call upon women to skip work today in protest. 

Danziger Protest in CBD

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

On Saturday (4.30), a protestors took to the streets of the CBD to rally against sentence reductions in the Danziger Bridge shootings. The group chanted and cheered speakers who labelled the new penalties handed to officers involved in the 2005 shooting and coverup, six days after Hurricane Katrina, are a miscarriage of justice.

Pictures of Volition

Supporters & Protesters at Trump Rally

On Friday (3.04) night, Donald Trump bought the circus to the Lakefront Airport. The rally was described as one of the rowdiest of the campaign. Outside the hangar, protesters were out in force. Inside the event, the sound was off and constant ejections interrupted the stump speech. At one point, a man holding a "K.K.K. 4 Trump" was even thrown out. Timothy Parris was on the scene to capture it all.

Trump Marred

Donald Trump is coming to town tomorrow and the crowds are expected to be yuge. However, not all of the locals heading to the rally are fans of the GOP frontrunner. A rally titled, “Trumpets Trump Drumpf” is planned to protest against the candidate.

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