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Defender Picks


Holding Patterns

The Big List of Bathrooms on the Parade Route

There may, in fact, be a place to pee on Mardi Gras Day, and even during the parades this weekend. In fact, there are actually hundreds of places to go along the parade route. Options span from the 250 free port-a-potties set up by the City to bars selling wristbands. Every year, NoDef compiles a list of options for relief flanking the Uptown route.

Mardi Gras Laws on Ladders, Portalettes Pass Council

Mardi Gras is gearing up, and the 2014 season has some new laws that can see parade goers paying upwards of a $250 fine for violating any of latest parade provisions. The Council officially voted on banning portalettes, fining for "throwbacks" from beads to the floats, and other new regulations. 


The NOPD is set to root out many nefarious forces at work during  this year's parade season. With neutral ground ladders and costume sales already on the list, Chief Ronal Serpas dumped another one on us today. Police are planning their latest crackdown on port-a-pottys set up on public property. Serpas said the city has 300 movable thrones, and setting up your own on the neutral ground is a no-go. But he want to tread lightly on this one. If any issue could get a mob moving, it's the need to pee.

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