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Defender Picks


Bold Case: LaBB Sues EPA

A protest is not always enough. Today, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LaBB) joined with eight other groups to file suit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The environmental advocates contend that the regulatory agency missed legal deadlines to review pollution risks and implement new safeguards.

Brine Crime: Judge Sentences Breton Sound Platform Polluters

Even corporations must answer to the law. X-Plor Energy SPV-1, Inc. an Oklahoma company based in Texas dumped waste product into the Breton Sound area for two years. On Wednesday (3.05), the company was handed a stiff penalty for polluting the Gulf.

Act-ivism: Social Change Film Festival Begins in New Orleans

A new festival is in town, and the celebration has nothing to do with music, food, or drunken antics. The Social Change Film Festival began last year in Bali, but the 2nd annual SCFF made its home a long way from Indonesia, right here in the Big Easy. Today through Sunday, venues across the city will host films and discussions dealing with an issue all too familiar to New Orleanians—water.

Green Groups Blast Oil Industry for Hurricane Isaac Pollution

Like everybody else, oil companies need to get a game plan for hurricanes. need That was the message of a cadre of environmental groups today, as they released details and a map of the 93 environmental accidents that let out 171,000 gallons of pollutants during Hurricane Isaac's pass over South Louisiana last week. The Sierra Club, Louisiana Bucket Brigade and Gulf Restoration Network say they culled the data from the National Response Center - which allows citizens to report oil and pollution accidents - and an overflight of the Louisiana coast conducted by the Network.

Coast Guard Addresses Post-Isaac Pollution Reports, Port Recovery

by Chase Lowenstein

With the Gulf Coast fully in Hurricane Isaac cleanup mode, the Coast Guard and others have begun to survey pollution left by the storm. At a press conference today to update Isaac recovery, Captain Peter W. Gautier announced there are currently approximately 90 cases of pollution that need to be addressed, 60 of which are actively leaking machines. Some are overturned tanks in Plaquemines Parish that are leaking oil while other machines are leaking airborne and liquid chemicals. 

'Stomp Out the Stink'

Environmental Dance-A-Thon Takes the Floor Saturday

This Saturday, there's a chance to dance all night, and help pull the enviroment up while you're getting down.

In a Haze

Cloud of Smoke from Marsh Fire Continues to Diminish Air Quality

Updated 1:25 p.m.

The rise of the machines may seem imminent, but don’t get out the heavy ammo just yet. The cloud hanging over the city this morning was just our neighborhood marsh fire.

'Environmental' Company Guilty of Pollution in Vacherie

Up in the pastoral countryside of Vacherie, Charles Toth probably liked the fact that no one was watching his water treatment operation. The New Orleans man apparently embraced his anonymity so readily that he took it as license to leave the "treatment" part out of the equation, according to the state Department of Environmental Quality. Toth pleaded guilty this week to pollution violations at his Armant Environmental Services site that included rerouting untreated water into a pond on company property, into the Big Muddy and the ground. That's good for the mudbugs. Toth will have to pay around $200,000 in fines, and clean up the site. (VIA)

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