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Defender Picks


NOLA Women Strike and Rally to Share 'A Day Without A Woman'

Women across the country are on strike today (3.8) as part of a demonstration coinciding with International Women’s Day. Following the Women’s March, which saw over 2 million people march in the U.S. for gender justice, the organizers took inspiration from the recent success of “A Day Without Immigrants” to call upon women to skip work today in protest. 

R.I.P. C.B. Forgotston

C.B. Forgotston served as the conscience of government in Louisiana for decades both within the system and then later as a pioneer of digital media in the state. On Sunday (1.03) evening, he died at the age of 70 years old according to “The Advocate.”

Bel Lobs: Edwards Gets In Mud

David Vitter is almost synonymous with harsh, mud slinging attack ads. During this weekend’s LSU-Alabama fiasco, the senator got a taste of his own medicine. Democratic contender John Bel Edwards unleashed a vicious television spot attacking Vitter for his past problems with prostitution and a missed vote in Congress.

Ansari Gives Full One Percent to Playing Jindal

In Louisiana, Bobby Jindal has long provided comic fodder. Recent single digit poll numbers have given national comics a few opportunities to get in on the fun(nies). In a Wednesday (11.04) night segment, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Jindal. More to the point, Fallon interviewed Aziz Ansari playing Jindal. 

Early Voting Begins Today

Louisiana’s “jungle primary” means that citizens will likely have to wait several months until they know who their next governor is. However, the election finally begins today. For those who don't want to wait until October 24th to cast a ballot, early voting begins today in Orleans Parish. Four locations, including City Hall, are open. 

Trump's Duck In Hand

Bobby Jindal does not have much support at home. Now, the Candidate J is losing followers from his small base. This week, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson defected from Candidate J to the Trump camp.

Troy Carter Gets Back In The Game

Insiders say that politics is like a drug and campaigning is hard to kick. New Orleans’ own Troy Carter is no Joe Biden, but he is having a hard time walking away from the game. On Tuesday (9.08), Carter announced that he will be returning to politics with a campaign for a Louisiana State Senate seat.

Governor's Ball

Honoré Abstains; Vitter, Angelle, Dardenne, Edwards Still In

The national political stage has been lit up by declarations of candidacy. In Louisiana, we do things a bit different. The big news this week is who is not running. Lt. General Russel Honoré (ret.) will not be tossing his hat in the rink. That leaves the heavily favored Senator David Vitter running against LA House Minority Leader John Bel Edwards, Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, and Scott Angelle.

Cassidy Amongst Earl Holt's Political Contributions

Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports that Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana accepted a campaign contribution from Earl Holt of Longview, Texas. The name and address matches that of the white supremacist leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CoCC). Holt came to national attention after alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof cited Holt’s discriminatory comments in his “manifesto.”

Jindal's POTUS Announcement Set for Kenner (Brah)

Bobby Jindal has been praying, considering, and exploring a run for the G.O.P. presidential run for over a year. NOLA’s burlesque scene has nothing on da’ Gov’s mastery of the tease, but soon the dance will come to a a conclusion. On June 24, Jindal will announce his decision… in Kenner.

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