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Smokin' Gras

City Releases Carnival Wrap, Declares 2016 a Success

After Ash Wednesday comes the City’s official Mardi Gras report. On Thursday (2.11), Mayor Mitch lauded the 2016 Mardi Gras as a "huge success" and released a slew of stats.

Oil Permits Down in Gulf

SoLa's mix of offshore men, fishermen, and eco-activists makes offshore drilling a touchy topic. Opinions aside, recent reports show that new drilling is decidedly down. St. Tammany is all over a new report from the Gulf Permit Index, and the numbers are not (or are, depending on your view) encouraging.

Deepwater permits have dropped from 5.8 a month to 5 a month issued, a 14% decrease. Shallow water permits have dropped from 7.1 to 6 issued monthly. In addition, shallow water permits which historically averaged 61 days to approve, now average 110. The 74.3% average approval rate has now fallen to 34% 

Bootleg Dealer Latest Casualty of Permit Crackdown

As Mayor Mitch keeps reminding us, everyone in New Orleans has to pay their fair share. So perhaps it's fitting that artists selling Mardi Gras costumes at the Blue Nile, radical bookstores and street musicians aren't the only ones getting tagged for practicing their craft without paying the piper these days. It seems dudes selling stuff out of the back of their car at random intersections might also become faces of the crackdown. Yesterday afternoon, New Orleans police issued a summons to Jermond Houston, 30, for selling "boot-leg" - as a statement from police put it - DVDs at the corner of St. Bernard Ave. and O'Reilly St. in the Seventh Ward.

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