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Defender Picks


Room 220: April Toole's Day

By Nathan Martin, Room 220

As Americans read fewer and fewer books and feel generally more isolated in the technological age, there has emerged a response among lovers of literature that seems to address both issues—mass public book readings that engage attendees both literarily and socially.

Rex Takes the Train

The King of Carnival does nothing without aplomb. That includes Rex’s arrival in New Orleans on Lundi Gras (2.16). However, this year, His Majesty will mix up the traditional arrival at Spanish Plaza.

Libertarians Bash Ban

Today, Mayor Mitch signed the smoking ban into law setting a 90 day countdown into motion. Many groups applauded the move, but the Orleans Parish affiliate of the Libertarian Party was not amongst the well-wishers. The third party views the new law as an assault on personal liberties. Chairman Michael Dodd wrote a letter expressing as much.

NOCCA's Birthday Bash

The event titled “The Big 4-Oh!” will appropriately feature representations from all arts. At the center of it all will be co-chairs Terence Blanchard and Robin Burgess. Blanchard’s NOCCA education catapulted him into a distinguished career as a trumpeter and composer. Terence's wife Robin Burgess serves as Blanchard’s business partner and runs an artist management company.

Bacchanal! Ernst Cafe Gears Up for Parade Party

New Orleans loves a reason to throw a party. Sometimes, one party is reason to throw another. Such is the case with parades. Today, Ernst Cafe announce the details of their annual Bacchus Bash, a day long mini-fest preceding the super-krewe’s roll.

Angels in Disguise

Rolling Elvi Set to Sparkle for Charity at Birthday Party

Elvis would have been all shook up about his 80th birthday yesterday (1.08). While the king never lived to see the 80’s, the decade will serve as the theme of this year’s Krewe of Rolling Elvi’s birthday bash for the King of Rock and Roll.

Pretty in Pink

Pussyfooters' Blush Ball To Get Raucous For a Reason

“We are Majorettes from the Mothership sent here to help the party people get their groove on!” And the Pussyfooters live up to their slogan each year at their annual Blush Ball (1.09) if not all year long. NoDef got to chat with three of the majorettes in fishnets and talk about the Blush Ball, Pussyfooter pride, and of course - their costumes.

NoDef Joins Sparklehorse & Kajun's for Robbie Burns Day

Herbsaint Executive Sous Chef Marcus Jacobs has a unique way of relating all cuisine to New Orleans. For example, he describes Scotland’s favored dish haggis as “North Sea Boudin.” The description inspired NOLA Defender to team up with Kajun’s Pub and Sparklehorse Grill (Jacobs’ collaboration with fellow Herbsaint staffer Caitlin Carney) to host a Robbie Burns Day (1.25) on January 25.

Hannukah Gift: Domenica's Alon Shaya to Fry Up Latkes at Bellocq

NOLA is immersed in Christmas, but there is also another Festival of Lights. Hanukkah starts on the night of December 16, and the Jewish Children’s Regional Services (JCRS) will be staging an early celebration on December 11 with Domenica’s Alon Shaya at the Hotel Modern's Bellocq.

NOLA-Listers: Hollywood's Party Scene Hits NOLA

By Jason Raymond

How soon before New Orleans becomes a “Hollywood lunch" town? That storied SoCal entertainment establishment, the Hollywood party, is beginning to appear on the Hollywood South scene.

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