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Defender Picks


Smokin' Gras

City Releases Carnival Wrap, Declares 2016 a Success

After Ash Wednesday comes the City’s official Mardi Gras report. On Thursday (2.11), Mayor Mitch lauded the 2016 Mardi Gras as a "huge success" and released a slew of stats.

Towing the Fine

Carnival is all about doin’ whatcha wanna’ unless whatcha wanna involves peeing on the street or parking on many streets. The former will land you lockup and the latter will land your car in the impound. If your car does wind up towed or even booted, here are some helpful hints.

Carnival Traffic Regulations Rev Up

Driving during Carnival is hard. Parking during Carnival is even harder. Tonight, the ominous “box” will hit Uptown. This weekend, roads in the Vieux Carré will morph into pedestrian malls.

Meter Metrics

Despite strong protests from service industry workers, the much hyped changes in parking policies went into effect on Monday (1.11). Meter hours were increased downtown, ticket prices are slated to rise, and parking enforcement  was increased.

Mailbag: Meter Made--FQ Workers Respond to Parking Compromise

Mayor Mitch’s plan to make public parking downtown more expensive was met with outrage from French Quarter service industry types. So, a compromise was offered. In response, three leaders of the opposition, Nick Detrich, Mark Schettler, and Chris Lane penned an open letter calling for more attention to root issues such as public transit.

Spaces & Jams

Stay away from da Dome and arena on Friday (12.04)! Some big sporting events are going to result in even bigger traffic delays according to officials with venue managers SMG.

Road Closures Coming For Race & Fest

This weekend boasts a po-boy festival as well as running fest to burn off those calories. However, jogging might be the best way to get around some neighborhoods over the next couple of days. The City has issued a warning about the massive street culture that  will accompany the events.

Letter to the Editor: Meter Hike Will Have Local Biz Working for Dimes

The City recently announced plans to raise rates and increase hours for parking meters in the Quarter. Business owner, William Kahn thinks the change is going to hurt local business and push more consumers to chains and big box store. In the following letter to NoDef, Kahn lays out his case against the hike.

Making the Gig

Tips on the Fleet of Shuttles, Buses, Bikes, Taxis, Uber, Pedicabs at Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is a self contained world within the Fair Grounds. Unfortunately, the area outside the gate can feel like commuter chaos, especially given the void of any public parking. Yet, if you leave the car at home, there are plenty of options to ride or pedal your way to the fun.

French Quarter Fleet

How to Get to the Fest Car-Free

The French Quarter is a lot of fun during the fest... unless you're a car. Fortunately, a host of options exist including bike park, extra buses, free pedicabs, and car service discounts. To help sort out the options (and avoid driving in circles), NoDef put together a quick guide of options. 

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