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Defender Picks


Councilwoman-Led Roundtable to Consider Mardi Gras Parade Route Partitioning

Following up her plea to police on behalf of blockaded Uptown paradegoers, City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell will be holding a roundtable discussion on Saturday, March 30. The issue at hand is the intrusion of ladders and tents, as well as the general partitioning of neutral grounds, which impedes the rights of all citizens to watch the floats go by from an advantageous angle.

Parade Planning: Up-to-Date Weather Forecasts

Mardi Gras rolls rain or shine, but those on the route need to make extra preparations for wet weather. On Wednesday night, the temperature should stay near a comfortable 63-degrees into the evening, but there’s a 30 percent chance of rain. Fish out your festive umbrellas and ponchos and plan accordingly for Nyx and Druids. Click for live weather updates, including hour-by-hour forecasts, from  

Church Handouts Halted at Metairie Mardi Gras

Carnival crackdowns aren't only an Orleans phenomenon. A church giving away free water and coffee with their logo at two spots on the Metairie parade route during Mardi Gras was issued a cease and desist order by authorities because they didn't have a proper license for the operation, Fox Radio reported today. Matt Tipton, pastor of Hope Church in Metairie, apologized. Guess he didn't get the message that when it comes to parade route swag, plastic jewelry rules all.

Masters of Crowd Control

Occupying the Parade Route: An Op-Ed

With the hour of superkrewes approaching, Guest Writer Jeff Bostick of Library Chronicles digs into the City's laws about Mardi Gras parade route encampments, and pinpoints the parties who are truly responsible for upholding them.

Parade Planning

Find your routes! Sh*t's crazy, up is down, and parade routes and times be changing gauche et doite. Lucky for you, NoDef lays it out plain et simple, so you can get your parade on, all day long.


Here's the offish sched. for Sunday, March 6th:


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