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Defender Picks


Documenting the Undocumented

Jose Torres-Tama's Under Attack/Under Terror

A downtown art installation seeks to reclaim both materials and heritage. "Under Attack/Under Terror’s" closing event will be at the Arts Estuary (1024 Elysian Fields Avenue) on October 25th at 5 pm. The exhibit contains mixed media drawings from artist/poet Jose Torres-Tama. The exhibit also includes many of the original photos that inspired the paintings.

$250k Blue Dog Lifted from Quarter Gallery

In New Orleans, George Rodrigue's blue dogs seem to outnumber living dogs at some moments. However, some dogs hold more value than others. Yesterday, one very special blue dog was taken from the George Rodrigue Gallery (730 Royal Street) in a brazen daylight theft.

Jazz Musicians & Poetraits Paint Portraits

Fusion is the latest trend in NOLA arts. Cafe Istanbul hosts “Poetraits of Sound” Tuesday (11.18) night at 6p.m. The Joe van Leeuwen Quintet will be teaming up with local artist Tony Hollums to combine contemporary jazz with abstract painting.  

Duo Bikes Into NOLA After 2K Trek to Spread Art

“Make art. Feel good.” That’s the slogan of two art therapists, Holly Wherry and Robert Caswell, who biked over 2,000 miles from Lime Springs, IA to New Orleans, LA to bring art to the masses. Over the course of their long journey, the pair met with people whose art abilities ranged from only drawing stick figures to working artists.

Here and Now

Visions of Southern Life and Histories on View at the Ogden

As a small-town hardware store owner in Georgia, Paul Kwilecki was perhaps an unlikely candidate for a fine-art photographer. But as the photographs in One Place demonstrate, Kwilecki's position as an artist is one of extended intimacy with his subject. Also on display this month: paintings by New Orleans artist Rolland Golden. NoDef's Liz Davas visits two current exhibitions at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and looks at how culture, race, and history shape the region's contemporary image of itself.

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