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Defender Picks


Ostrich Races Return to Fairgrounds

An American quarter horse can reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour while its unlikely race partner, the ostrich can get about to about 30 miles per hour. New Orleanians can decide which one they prefer this Saturday at the seventh annual Summer Quarter Horse Meet and Exotic Animal Races. 

Racing Stripes: Exotic Animal Racing at The Fair Grounds

This Saturday, the exotic animals are back!  After weeks of tearing up the turf, the Quarter Horses get some respite as the Fair Grounds hosts another round of exotic racing, courtesy of Hedrick’s Exotic Animal farm in Nickerson, Kansas.  


Striped for Competition

Zebras, Ostriches, Zedonks Set to Streak Across Fair Grounds Race Course Saturday

It may have been a rainy week at the track, but on Saturday night storm clouds part just in time for a night of exotic twilight racing.  After 6 pm, Louisiana’s finest thoroughbreds step aside to make way for their equus cousins and a flock of flightless birds.  A select group of jockeys will take to the gate with a zebra, a zedonk (hybrid between a donkey and a zebra) and an ostrich for a playful night of racing. 

Fair Grounds Summer Races to Feature Ostriches, Camels

by Shay Sokol

Ostriches and camels will race at the Fair Grounds on August 18 at the Race Course’s first ever summer night card. The special nighttime event is a part of the twelve-day Summer Quarter Horse season starting August 15, and will feature a “Tails & Ales” beer tasting, quick sprint American Quarter Horse races, along with the two exotic animal races.

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