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Defender Picks


Prison Breakdown: Officials Still 'Not Clear' About Orleans Parish Inmate Barricade

The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding an incident that occurred late Friday night at the Orleans Justice Center, the city's modernized prison which opened less than two years ago. A dozen maximum security inmates "barricaded themselves in a housing unit" at the prison resulting in five injured inmates, according to a statement from prison officials.

Fryday Friday

Fish Fry Season Kicks Off As Lent Begins

For most NOLA locals, the days following Mardi Gras are a time to take a break from the booze, king cake, and general debauchery that has dominated these last few weeks. For the more faithful out there, this time marks the beginning of Lent, the 40 days and 40 nights where Catholics will abstain from any number of vices — including meat on Fridays. Starting tomorrow, churches across the city will host fish frys for Lenten observers, offering the perfect opportunity for the faithful to observe their religious traditions and the rest of us to indulge in some tasty seafood. 

DA Calls Out NRA

Cannizzaro Calls For Gun Control

Whether the catalyst was San Bernadine massacre of the mass shooting in Bunny Friend Park, it is clear that Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro is once again ready to push for an unpopular policy in red Louisiana. On Thursday (12.03), Cannizzaro issued a statement for calling for tighter gun control.

Geaux Vote: Pointers for the Polls

Today is October 24th, Louisiana Election Day. Whether you are pulling for Vitter or pulling for anyone-but-Vitter, you must still head to the polls to have your voice heard. Voting is simple and (lines willing) only takes a few minutes. NoDef has put together a few pointers on time, location, and technique. So, click through to answer any of your voting questions. 

Same-Sex Couples Finally Free to Marry in Orleans Parish

After a legal battle so complex that it made the BP case look something on Judge Wapner’s docket, same sex couples in New Orleans can finally receive marriage licenses downtown. First, a federal judge overturned Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage. Shortly thereafter, NOLA’s Baton Rouge controlled Office of Vital Records announced that they would begin issuing the license on Thursday (7.02).

Darren Sharper Enters Guilty Plea For Local Charges

Darren Sharper’s fall from grace moved another step closer to a close just blocks from the Super Dome on Monday (6.15). The former Saint plead guilty to two counts of Forcible rape and one count of Simple Rape in an Orleans Parish courtroom. 

Seat Belt Sting

Motorists who do not buckle up for safety should consider buckling up for budget. Through the end of the month, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) will be targeting motorists without seatbelt for tickets.

Orleans Parish Election Selection

New Orleanians are once again headed to the polls today. The Boot’s unique system of rolling elections makes many Louisianans feel like we vote weekly. The frequent lugging to levers also results in some confusion about just what we are voting on. The essentials follow:

Foaming at the Mouth: La-SPCA Holds Rabies Drive

With Harper Lee’s new (old) book set for release, the topic of rabid dogs in the South is once again vogue(ish.) But, in Orleans Parish, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (La-SPCA) has been dealing with the issue for years. On Palm Sunday (3.29,) the group will host their annual Rabies Drive.

Libertarians Bash Ban

Today, Mayor Mitch signed the smoking ban into law setting a 90 day countdown into motion. Many groups applauded the move, but the Orleans Parish affiliate of the Libertarian Party was not amongst the well-wishers. The third party views the new law as an assault on personal liberties. Chairman Michael Dodd wrote a letter expressing as much.

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