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Defender Picks


The Sunday Critic

Theatre Review: Antigone

With just two productions in as many months, New Noise co-artistic director Joanna Russo has leapt to the top of the list of directors I admire. Following the perfectly executed Never Swim Alone for Elm Theatre with this all-female staging of Antigone for Lux et Umbra, Russo demonstrates thrilling mastery of the theatrical approach I least favor: director-centric, all light & movement & sound. If I want spectacle I go to the movies. On stage, especially in a storefront theater, I’m usually looking first for rich language delivered by exciting actors.

The Sunday Critic

Theatre Reviews: Monsters, Stinky Cheese, & Sex Please

The Sunday Critic, finding his Sundays too restful, keeps falling behind in coverage of shows he found interesting. Short reviews of three shows I’ve seen lately (including one that has closed, simply for the acknowledgment) follow, in hopes of being ready to rise to the spring flood of shows soon to hit.


Nerds will have an ample supply of eye-candy for the next month. Two productions promise to fuse burlesque culture with geek culture. NOLA’s Society of Sin just announced details for “Dungeons & Dragon Queens: A Live Action Pen & Pasties Burlesque RPG” and downtown Artemis Lark and Honey Tangerine are set to stage "Once More With Peeling: A Burlesque Tribute to Joss Whedon”.

Shadow of Life in a Box

Your Lithopedion Ushers In New Era at Old Marquer

Your Lithopedion, a new play by locally-based playwright Justin Maxwell, opened Thursday (1.15) night at the recently renamed Old Marquer Theatre (formerly the Shadowbox). The production was the work of the venue’s new, in-house company Lux et Umbra and featured the direction of company member Bonnie Gabel.

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