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Chasing the Green Fairy

NoDef's Absinthe Day Guide

Ten years ago, the nationwide ban on absinthe was lifted in the United States after almost a century. Given how quickly the anise-flavored herbal spirit has become a staple in cocktails, it's hard to believe that for over 96 years New Orleanians lived without green frappés, drips, and daiquiris. Today (3.5) is National Absinthe Day, so how better to celebrate the spirit's rise from madness-inducing elixir of the bohemian set to the superstar ingredient in cocktails nationwide than with a comprehensive guide to the city's best absinthe-minded offerings. From tours of distilleries and museums to cocktail crawls across the Vieux Carre, read on for NoDef's guide to absinthe in New Orleans. 

No Cuffs for Cuba Gooding Jr. as Bartender Drops Charges

by Shay Sokol

Cuba Gooding Jr. won't become the latest celebrity to be immortalized in an OPP mugshot, after all.  Earlier today, the actor was issued a summons instead of getting arrest today for allegedly pushing a bartender twice in Bourbon Street watering hole The Old Absinthe House Tuesday morning. By day's end, the charges were dropped, according to a press release from Old Absinthe House.

Old Absinthe House Owners File for Bankruptcy

Remember the Bentley bonanza? Earlier this month, one of the owners of Old Absinthe House, and several other French Quarter bars, had their luxury auto confiscated by the city because they didn't pay their taxes. Now, the entire company, Bourbon Saloon, Inc., is filing for bankruptcy. But it's not only because they owe thousands to the city, and can't drive in style.

Bye, Bye Bentley: City Sacrifices Luxury Car to Taxman

Looking to ride into summer 2011 in style, the City of New Orleans showed off some stunning new wheels yesterday. Mayor Mitch's administration beamed around a picture of a 2002 Bentley, worth $110,000. But it wasn't from the impound lot, the product of a lucrative police detail or even a leftover piece of property from the LSU-VA Hospital footrpint. The city took the luxury auto from a group that managed Bourbon St. bars. Someone among the four owners might have been able to afford some nice wheels, but they haven't paid their taxes for a while, even though one of them said they would.

New Absinthe House a Lot Like the Old

It figures that in choosing a bar theme to, shall we say, repurpose from New Orleans, New Yorkers would decide on the first place they probably hit off Rue Bourbon. Nevertheless, judging by a profile in the New York Times today, a new Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, send-up to the Old Absinthe House at least deserves some points for crafting a painstaking replica.

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