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Defender Picks


Haven't Sheen You in a Long Time

It's mid-April, and there's been a lot of oil reported about 50 miles offshore in the Gulf. A giant oil company quickly dispatched an underwater robot to look for a possible source. The more things change...This year's Spring Scourge was brought to us by Shell, who reported seeing a sheen but says it isn't from their wells. The slick is ten miles long by 1 mi. wide. The company estimates about 252 gallons of oil, or 6 barrels, leaked so far, and the Coast Guard says there's no word on environmental damage yet. But don't worry, they're sending a big boat. And after all, if you look close enough, all you can se are rraaiinnbows.

Big Oozy in B-Flat

An Explanation for the Rest of Us

New Orleans, LA, May 13, 2010 - A mile down in the Gulf of Mexico, more than 100 gallons of oil are leaking every second out of a pipe the size of a human arm. To plug the leak, experts enlisted specially-programmed robots, a giant top hat, a black box the size of a boxcar, a gigantic pair of tweezers, dish soap and household garbage.

Big Oozy Update

The petroleum aroma that has taken the place of sweet magnolias in the air is a reminder enough that we're basically screwed... again. However, if you want more, we got it. Oyster offers a comprehensive roundup on the Toxic Waltz. The LA Times has some great (ina journalistic sense) photos. And JudyB has video.

The Blob

It's official, that small little leak into the Gulf is actually three leaks, all of them large. The oil slick officially made landfall. At least for this disaster, government officials (3 Cabinet members: Homeland Security, Interior, & EPA) are on the ground and the military has already joined the effort. Lots out there about it, none of it good.

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