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Big Oozy Blues Redux

It’s starting to feel like Spring 2010 in Louisiana. And, not in that positive, Saints-championship-afterglow way. Skimmers have been dispatched to the Gulf. Underwater robots are probing oil leaks. On Friday (5.13), new details continued to emerge about a nearly 90,000 gallon oil spill from a Shell pipeline.

Offshore Auction Sparks Sunpie's Onshore Protest

On Wednesday (8.19), the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is set to auction off a fresh set of offshore oil and gas drilling leases. However, zydeco master and former park ranger Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes and a group of conservationists are calling on the agency to halt the auction until a parks program is renewed.

Violations Issued to Offshore Companies for Deadly Platform Explosion

Following a report that blamed an offshore oil company and various contractors for an oil platform explosion and fire that caused the death of three Filipino welders in the Gulf last year, the feds came calling with formal violations on Wednesday. The U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement issued 41 notices of violations of federal offshore regulations to Black Elk Energy and its contractors for the Nov., 2012, accident.

Offshore Companies Slammed Over Deadly Gulf Platform Fire

Federal energy industry regulators took a group of offshore contractors to task Monday for their role in a Gulf of Mexico oil platform explosion and fire that killed three Filipino workers in 2012. A week before the year anniversary of the incident, which happened off the coast of Grand Isle, the Bureau of Safety and Energy Enforcement published a report calling out Houston-based Black Elk Energy and its contractors for safety failures in the incident.

Filipino Guest Workers Killed, Injured in Gulf Oil Platform Fire

The workers who were missing and injured in the Friday morning fire at a Gulf oil production platform near Grand Isle were among a large contingent guest workers from the Phillipines who were recruited to move to the U.S. to work offshore, authorities said. DNR Offshore, a firm that provides crews for oil service work, said the body of Elloy Corporal, 42, was recovered early Sunday morning at 1 a.m. A search is still on for Jerome Malagapo.

10 Workers Missing Offshore

A search for 10 missing workers is underway in the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon. Four of the men are reportedly from Louisiana, including one from Houma and three from New Iberia, KATC reports. The workers were last accounted for during an evacuation of the Trinity II adjacent the Southern Yucatan Peninsula. Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, has lent boats to the search. GeoKinetics has promised a statement, and NoDef is standing by.

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