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Defender Picks


POTUS Tries to Reason With Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts on Wednesday (6.01) officially. In New Orleans, we know that the federal government sometimes ignores this season altogether. However, on Tuesday (5.31), President Obama issued some advice on preparation to the American people.

Toilet Tussle

Louisiana Sues Feds Over Bathroom Directive, JBE and Landry Feud

The state of Louisiana is part of a lawsuit filed against the Obama administration, positing that a directive allowing transgender students in public schools to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity lacks any authority. However, the state government, itself, is embroiled in an internal war over LGBT rights.

Obama Commutes Sentences for Two Louisiana Inmates

The United States leads the world in incarceration. And, Louisiana leads the U.S. in incarceration. However, this week President Obama took a small step to decrease that number. Two Louisiana inmates were amongst the 95 non-violent offenders whose sentences were commuted by the executive branch on Friday.


The Keystone XL pipeline will take a break from fueling politics in Louisiana or fueling anything else for that matter. On Friday (11.06), President Obama sided with environmental activists and rejected the massive project.


After Katrina hit New Orleans and the levees broke, the absence of then President George W. Bush provided a conspicuous exclamation point to the federal government’s lack of action. The current POTUS will not be making the same mistake during the ten year anniversary commemorations. Obama will be visiting NOLA on August 27th according to the White House.

Bobby Jindal: Soundbyte Machine

Bobby Jindal is gearing up for his June 24 campaign announcement. Until that glorious day in Kenner arrives, da Gov’ is busy making the rounds of national (Iowa) media. This week, he deviated from his normal stories of the American Dream and Christ to deliver a few choice quotes on current events ranging from the Charleston tragedy to medical marijuana. Click through for the week's highlights.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Jindal Pushes Iran Letter

Bobby Jindal does not have much foreign policy experience, an impediment in the forthcoming Republican primaries. So, da Gov’ is working hard to vocally insert himself into the ongoing debates about matters abroad. Recently, Jindal has set his crosshairs on the G.O.P. cause celebre, Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran.

Brothers in Harm: Bobby J Won't Condemn Giuliani

After former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that President Obama “doesn’t love America,” he drew plenty of fire including condemnations from his own party. Although Bobby Jindal’s recent trips to Iowa and England seem like an effort to fall into line with the G.O.P. before the primaries, he did not go with the flow this time. Instead, he tacitly supported the Mayor.

NOLA Libre?

What The Thaw With Cuba Means for NOLA

On Wednesday (12.20,) President Barack Obama made the biggest changes in US-Cuba relations since 1961. In doing so, he has changed over 50 years of policy, and set a precedent for American relations with Cuba to come. The City of New Orleans has a long history with Cuba, but the new move raises questions about the Crescent City’s future connections with Havana.

Landrieu, Cassidy Weigh in on Health Care Fix

President Barack Obama inserted another health care decision into the pressure cooker of the midterm election cycle on Wednesday. With the Bayou State's U.S. Senate race set to hit another gear, the White House's move to extend the amount of time that people can keep pre-existing coverage illustrated how the law continues to be one of the key issues of the 2014 race.

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