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Defender Picks


Jindal Loses Push-Up Contest

Bobby Jindal’s dismal poll numbers are apparently not confined to Louisiana. Fox News chose the ten G.O.P. candidates with the highest poll numbers to participate in their  primetime Thursday (8.06) debate. Jindal did not make the cut. However, Candidate J found some consolation by participating in a push up contest with for BuzzFeed.

Jindal Jabbers About Paul, Prez (Video)

Bobby J took the national airwaves this morning to push his potential campaign for the Republican nomination. Given his lack of support, Jindal was only allocated a few minutes on ABC’s This Week. He used his time with host George Stephanopoulos to attack Senator Rand Paul as well as to push some now rote lines.

Straw Tiger: Jindal Strikes Out in SLRC Poll

It seems as though each week brings a different gathering for G.O.P. hopefuls and another trip out of state for Bobby J. This weekend, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) gathered in Oklahoma City. (Putting aside the fact that Oklahoma is not really part of the South), da Gov’ joined several declared candidates at the forum.

Jindal Forms Committee, DNC's Puppy Yawns

Bobby Jindal continued his flirtations with a run for POTUS today and Dems were not amused. Da Gov’ announced his intent to form an exploratory committee and the Democratic National Committee responded with a YouTube video.

Bobby J, Southern Scribe?

Bobby Jindal has not officially decided whether he is running for POTUS. But, gosh, he sure loves to visit Iowa and New Hampshire. He also likes addressing conferences filled with deep pocketed donors. Apparently, Jindal also likes writing books. This week, Threshold Editions announced that da Gov’ has a new tome set for release.

Hawkeye of the Tiger: Jindal (Unofficially) Campaigns in Iowa

Bobby Jindal is taking the weekend off from LSU’s potential exigency and the state’s massive budget shortfall. Da Gov’ says that he has not decided whether a run for the Republican Presidential nomination is in his future. However, he did decide to visit Iowa (again) for a few days.

Obama Nominates DOJ's Thomas Perez for Labor Secretary, Vitter Plans Blockage

President Barack Obama nominated Asst. US Attorney General Thomas Perez to be Secretary of Labor today. The former head of the Department of Justice's Civil Right's division is no stranger to Louisiana. While Obama may point to Perez's handling of the DOJ's investigation of the NOPD and (stalled) consent decree negotiations, U.S. Sen. David Vitter is remembering how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder didn't write him back.

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