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Defender Picks


Lead Contamination Closes 3 More Playgrounds

by Emily Snyder

Sparked by recent action on the part of the organization NOLA Unleaded, and the subsequent closure and remediation of Markey Park, the City's Department of Health and Office of Coastal and Environmental Affairs has begun testing the lead levels in New Orleans parks. Howard Mielke, a Tulane University bioenvrionmental professor who has spent the last several decades telling the city which parks are contaminated with lead. Heeding the call that was spurred by parents around Markey Park, City officials are conducting their own tests.Three of the parks--Danneel, Taylor, and Annunciation--were immediately closed.

Getting the Lead Out

The Vocal Citizens Behind the Closure - and Cleanup - of a Contaminated Bywater Park

Between the time Laura Grenda's son began playing at Bywater's Mickey Markey Park when he was six months old and last month's closure of the park to remediate the "off the charts" levels of lead in the soil, all that changed was public awareness about the toxins.


Whether citizens or city officials noticed, the toxins were always there.

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