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Defender Picks


Mailbag: "Stories That Do Not Belong to You," A Response to Beller's NY'er Piece

Tulane prof Dr. Thomas Beller recently published "Don't Call It Katrina," an essay about the Federal Flood and Katrina in The New Yorker magazine. the essay was received with critical kudos and social media buzz. However, reader Robin McDowell was not impressed. Below she offers a rebuttal arguing that Beller's article continues a dangerous practice of subjugating minorities.

Down(town) Periscope

In this week's New Yorker, writer Vince Aletti takes a look at portraits of New Orleans  photographed by Deborah Luster. If you don't want to drop the $6 to feel like part of the learned elite, do what the plebes do and check out the some of the series, titled "Tooth for an Eye" online.  Kudos to Luster for thinking up a view of the city that no other artists have thought of yet: submarine periscope. The series purports to show the city through its crime scenes. But, since it's New Orleans, the scenes as double as places we pass by  every day. The Circle Food Store (at St. Bernard Ave. and Claiborne Ave.), Bywater dive, Saturn Bar, and even the 700 block of Burgundy (just comforting the tourists!) all make appearances.

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