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Defender Picks


Defiled Ride

Krewe Du Vieux in Photos

MARIGNY - Krewe du Vieux's annual romp through downtown New Orleans is once again complete. Other than counting down until next year, we're spending the morning ( it already afternoon?) after trying to shake visions of giant penises and Republicans in uncompromising positions.

Den of Kin

Den of Muses Unites Krewe du Vieux

MARIGNY - “Muses are involved in poetry, history, tragedy, and astronomy," said Jim Aiken.

Carrying the Torch

Flambeau Barers Shed Light on Early Mardi Gras Traditions

Between the colorful floats and raucous marching bands, a humbler – yet no less staid – Mardi Gras tradition slips between the cracks in the marching order. Keepers of the light are known to lead the way for those lost in the dark and that is a perfect way to describe a flambeau carrier.

A Tastee King Cake?

by Daniel Goodman

As we aim to leave no baby J undiscovered, NoDef's King Cake Quest leads us to an unexpected entree into the pantheon of Carnival treats: Tastee Donuts. With only a select few operating stores remaining, Tastee is known by all locals as the place to go for those fluffy glazed treats to accompany your morning coffee. As the company boasts, “It’s a New Orleans Thing!” They also offer up a king cake that incorporates the donut-centered talent on which the Tastee name is made into the wider King Cake artform.

Mardi Gras Indians Down on Public Domain

Mardi Gras Indians are hallowed for their mysterious governing systems and vigilance in weaving their glorious suits. But, lately, they've met a code that's even more mystifying and arcane - U.S. copyright law. In an effort to reap some of the profits from the multitude of photographs and books about them, the AP reports Indians have been copyrighting their suits as works of art. Early rumblings indicate they haven't taken to depositions, and would still prefer to settle things via chant and the burning of flags and tails.

Royal Treatment

by Marguerite Lucas

A New Orleans fixture for over 52 years and the holder of the Guiness record for world’s largest King Cake, there is no denying that Haydel’s Bakery knows its way around the ringed dessert. As our Quest has shown over the past week, many upstarts are kneading their way into the world of the King Cake. But, as ever in this town – and especially during Carnival – it's important to remember from whence we came.

Rapscallions' Ride

Streetcar Krewe Welcomes Carnival Season

While the rest of the country is settling into post-holiday blues and winter hibernation, we're gearing up for the main event.

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