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King Cakes and Cakes for The King: Carnival Confections Embrace Tradition, Bacon

by Sarah Esenwein

The Carnival season in New Orleans is almost like Christmas all over again, with most anticipated excitement surrounding the availability of a staple of the season, the King Cake. While they come in all shapes, sizes, fillings and flavors; the Manny Randazzo bakery is renowned for its classic and consistently delicious cake. Cochon Butcher's "Elvis" King Cake offers connoisseurs a meatier take on the tradition.

610 Stompers Bring Fresh Look, Moves to Headbanger's Ball

This Friday in the CBD, sightings of tight python pants and voluptuous bleached blond hair might make you wonder if Motely Crue has come to town, but in fact it’s the influence of another kind of group— one harnessing powers both ordinary and extraordinary. From 8 pm to Midnight, the Sugar Mill (1020 Convention Center Blvd.) welcomes back the 610 Stompers and a thousand of their friends for their annual parade prelude, the Sweet 610 Headbanger’s Ball.

Krewe of Muses Float Riding Spot in eBay Auction

With Cleopatra moving over from the West Bank and Nyx riding the night before, the Krewe of Muses have some new femme company at night on St. Charles Ave. However, a spot with the famed all-female krewe remains coveted. The Muses are once again offering one bidder a chance to skip to the front of the wait list by auctioning off a seat on one of their famed floats.

Krewe du Vieux Comes Early, Often in 2013

With an early Mardi Gras, Carnival krewes have less time to get their floats and costumes ready. Plus, the marching groups had to do the Super Bowl shuffle to make way for the Big Game. The parade season tone-setters of Krewe du Vieux - who are already under the gun for this year's Jan. 19 march - could be complaining about being in a world of shit as a result of these developments. But, as always, they've simply released Le Monde de Merde for the rest of us to roll around in with glee, and announced a theme that cuts off all feelings of misery and misfortune marked by daily life in the City of Dreams at the head.

One Horn, Two Fronts: Unicorn Rights Group Backs Away From Mitt Romney

by Shay Sokol

Like any campaign that's gaining steam, the movement to get unicorns into Carnival's sci-fi krewe is encountering unexpected distractions. Since the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus banned fans on fantasy from riding among robots and aliens, the Mystic Krewe of PUEWC (People for the Inclusion of Unicorns, Elves and Whinebots in Chewbacchus, and pronounced like "puke") has been sharpening their horns. But PUEWC has now found itself fighting a two-front war. Allegations surfaced that Mitt Romney may be a unicorn, and PUEWC in coordination with AFU (American Federation of Unicorns) won’t have him.

Shuck Parade

Bearded Oysters Dance Troupe Trolls Parade Route Twice on Lundi Gras

The Bearded Oysters Dance Troupe began in 2004 with a few homemade merkins, some fake facial hair, and a whole lot of glitter. Since then, it has become one of the local favorites, marching in Muses and Orpheus while encouraging sisterhood, sexiness and shucking throughout New Orleans and beyond.

Krewe of Hermes Walks Before They Float

Before the Krewe of Hermes rolls on St. Charles tonight, the old-line Mystics will emerge from their morning meal to give the French Quarter some Carnival treats. As part of an annual tradition, krewe members adorned in Hermes ties and having throws in hand are set to leave brunch for the annual Walking Parade. Once they depart brunch, krewe members will meet the St. Aug Marching Band and others at St. Louis and Royal Sts., then proceed down to Bourbon handing out throws and well-wishes for Mardi Gras along the way. Once at Bourbon, the krewe members disappear into the crowds, only to resurface on floats at sundown.


At the Mall of Muses, All-Female Krewe is Buying Out More Than the Glitter Aisle

NoDef's Christilisa Gilmore stopped by the Glitterage to get a preview of the throws and theme of this year's Krewe of Muses parade.

Excali-burned: Harnesses, Falls Delay Krewe of King Arthur's Silver Ride

Once again, there is trouble in Camelot! The Krewe of King Arthur rolled for the 35th time in celebration of the Louisiana Bicentennial on Sunday, but not without two serious delays. The start time was delayed nearly an hour. However, the mayhem was not the work of Morgana. In NOLA the rules are set by Napoleonic code, not the Round Table. City statute mandates that parade riders must be harnessed to the floats. According to spokesmen, the NOPD discovered that none of the riders had abided by this law, and prohibited the parade from rolling until the riders were harnessed.

The Same But the Name

Legal Drama Set Aside, 'tit Rəx Returns to Spin Small Floats, Big Satire Saturday Night

Despite an ongoing legal saga with the Kings of Carnival over their name, the Mardi Gras microkrewe has no signs of an inferiority complex. But after tangling with the Kings of Carnival, therapy has revealed signs that the four-year-old parade is developing a Napoleon Avenue Complex.

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