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Defender Picks


Fright Night

Halloween in the French Quarter (PHOTOS)

Hordes of costumed carousers took to the streets of New Orleans on Halloween, and, as ever, the center of the action was in the Vieux Carre. The annual Halloween parade at Molly's at the Market served as the focal point, but the crowds offered just as much to look at as the marchers. Brandon Robert's lens was onhand to take in the action:

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Tips with Carl Mack Presents

Last weekend, a mix of monsters and Mileys hit the streets of Frenchmen for a haunting holiday pre-game, but tomorrow the real revelry begins.  For some, watching Nightmare Before Christmas will suffice for a successful Halloween night, but for many the real nightmare begins when charged with constructing a last minute costume.  

Molly's Halloween Parade Keeps Halloween Going Til Clock Strikes November

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

New Orleanians aren’t going to let a mid-week Halloween get in the way of their macabre merrymaking, and Jim Monaghan’s 17th Annual Molly’s Halloween Parade is the perfect venue for festive folks to party hard and still be in bed before everyone runs out of candy.

Halloween Hurry-Up: Magazine Street Experts Offer Last-Minute Costume Tips

by Emma Boyce

With Halloween just around the corner it’s almost time to run into that phone booth and throw on your super suit.  Ha!  If only it were that simple. For days, perhaps even weeks Halloween enthusiasts have agonized over costume ideas. Turning to friends for help they wonder: How am I going to make this work, has this been done before? Will people get it?  

Halloween Costuming with Miss Claudia

by Emma Boyce

It’s that time of year again.  Hocus Pocus on every channel.  Finishing a bag of mini-sized kit-kats before the first trick or treaters even ring the bell.  And the one thing on everyone’s mind is: what will I wear!

The Power to Scare: Mortuary, House of Shock Rise to the Top of New Orleans' Halloween Fright Cards

by Jillian Firnhaber

Haunted tales are a dime a dozen around the French Quarter, but those looking for a good scare on Halloween weekend have a couple options outside the Vieux Carre that don't involve hand grenades and stories that may be a little loose with the truth. Sheriff Charle's Foti's famed haunted house in City Park is no longer around, so the debate about which of the Crescent City's haunted house is scarier is down to two: House of Shock or Mortuary. Staples of the NOLA-Halloween festivities, both creepy cottages feature plenty of that will send a chill down even the most jaded horror fans. NOLA Defender makes a case for both sites.

Today's Events: 10.29.11

Today, Voodoo continues in City Park, Voodoo on the Bayou takes place at the Pitot House, the Black Men of Labor rolls downtown But in Halloween weekends past, Mozart ‘s Don Giovanni debuted in Prague (1787), Turkey became a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire (1923), The New York Stock Exchange's crashed (1929), Muhammad Ali won his first professional fight, in Louisville, Kentucky (1960), Winona Ryder was born(1971) and Joseph Pulitzer died(1911). Speaking of falling back: 

Voodoo Cubed: Friday, Oct. 28

The rides are up and the rider lists have been submitted. It's time, once again, for Voodoo fest in City Park. To help you navigate all those squares, NoDef has compiled our picks for where to go each day of the fete. Don't be scared, click "Read More" to check it out.

Morgus Sighting in Da Parish

Nowadays we have Voodoo and the horrors of the Frenchmen St. hangover. But, before all that, the Halloween gaze of New Orleans was fixed in one place: Morgus. Sure, the man who was known as Morgus the Magnificient showed horror movies on TV all year. But All Hallows Eve was where he found his most natural footing. To remind everyone of this great spookster of yore, Chalmette Movies is screening his 1962 film, The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus, all weekend long. The movie could be about anything as long as it involves Morgus, but it happens to be about turning people into sand. Screenings at 7 p.m. nightly, Fri. - Mon.

Good Mourning: No Sashay at Hermann Grima House's Funeral Tour

Normally, our funerals are all brass and bombast. But, once upon the 1800s, things were a bit more somber. As All Hallows Eve approaches, the Vieux Carre's historic Hermann Grima House take us back to those times by dressing up the historic chateau for a funeral. This Friday, just in time for Halloween, the House features a special tour that lets the death-eater-uppers among us commune with the last rites of yore. Sure, there will be shrouds and mourning china. But what would a funeral tour be without jewelry made from the hair of the deceased, and a full rundown of a seance? The fun starts at 6. Ticket info here.

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