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Vespers of 1610, Reviewed

by Joe Shriner

Before the dedicated artists at Marigny Opera House inaugurated their production of Vespers of 1610 on Thursday night, it was clear they had their hands full. So demanding was the project, several directors were necessary, leading months of rehearsal. It was only a week before production that all performers met at the historic church to bring forward a unified work. In his brief introduction, Executive Director Dave Hurlbert repeated his statement that we were to witness a “labor-of-love.”

Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610

Ambitious Production of Early Baroque Work Pulls Out All the Stops at Marigny Opera House

Starting Thursday night, Dec. 12, the Marigny Opera House hosts a production of a rarely performed early Baroque work of monumental scale. Featuring 13 singers, 13 musicians, 9 dancers, costumes, and light projections, Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 gets its New Orleans due con brio.

'The Vampire,' Reviewed

New Orleans Opera Association Gives German Opera a Crescent City Update

The opening night of the opera season is always a special occasion, but on Friday evening the New Orleans Opera Association’s première of The Vampire broke with some of the old traditions.

Culture Collision Comes to NOMA

Amidst a storied setting, there will be a great ruckus And it will happen before the titans of the Saints and Packers even step onto Lambeau. To kick off the fall season, the 3rd N.O. Culture Collision will bring together 50 visual art and performance orgs from around the city Wednesday night at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The event, which starts at 5 p.m., offers a chance to find out what all these different entities do, where they have shows and plot out how you can better spend that limited amount of time that doesn't require working.

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