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Beacoup Music at BUKU This Weekend

NOLA Hip-Hop, Indie, Electronic Music Fest Returns for Sixth Year

BUKU Music + Art Project takes place each year in New Orleans at the perfect time post-Carnival and before the summer’s mega-festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza take over everyone's social media feeds. Now in its sixth year, BUKU (a play on “beaucoup") lives up to its name — inviting over 70 of the most exciting talents in hip hop, EDM, indie rock & pop to take the stage at Mardi Gras World for a 48-hour music extravaganza this weekend. 

Night in C

by Joe Shriner

Café Istanbul, located in New Orleans Healing Center, has been home to many types of extemporary shows over the years, whether it’s the free improvisation of local jazz bands or the unscripted monologues from Moth StorySLAM raconteurs.

On Wednesday night, however, a distinctive style of improvisation will take place on their stage—one “for variable ensemble” and composed so that musicians simultaneously play identical tonal, highly rhythmic musical motives that shift against each other to create a pulsating field of sound.

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