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Defender Picks


Bike Bait Bingo

When police announced they were setting bike traps for criminals by planting a loose bike and catching the thief who stole it, the collective gripes of our city could be heard in New Iberia. "How could they be spending their time catching bike theives when there are still unsolved murders?" we said. But, police are pointing to an arrest today that they say indicates cycle swipers are more than just 13-year-olds with bolt cutters.

Cannizzaro: 'Violent Offenders are Winning'

Crime is off the charts in our city not only because someone decides to pick up a gun, but because they decide to do it again, and they get out of jail and get a chance to do it yet again. Last night, Fox 8 detailed the path of repeat offender Deloyd Jones, who has been connected to a 9th Ward shooting spree and two murders, among other things, since he was 15 years old. Despite Jones' past, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro doesn't only place the blame on the criminal. "The violent criminals are winning as long as the people of this community refuse to come forward," he said. Read the story here.

Supreme Denial

Why the Nation's Highest Court Turned Back a Wrongfully Convicted NOLA Man's $14 Million

In the eyes of five U.S. Supreme Court justices, the U.S. government doesn't owe John Thompson anything for the 14 years he wrongfully spent on death row. As a result, government lawyers would have to stop going to law school to be financially liable for the wrongful conviction of anyone else.

NOPD Celebrates 21 Fewer Violent Crimes Last Year

While the streets were free of murder this afternoon, New Orleans police released final numbers for crime in 2010. A press release accompanied the numbers, with declarations by police Superintendent Ronal Serpas and Mayor Mitch. "The overall decline in major crime last year shows that our employees are rising to the challenge of rededicating themselves to professionalism and service," Serpas said in the release. But after two pages of statements, the rote numbers show the reduction in crime is not quite a reason to go all Roberto Benigni. Wait! Don't play us off just yet!

Justice for Breakfast

Walking into Betsy's Pancake House on Canal St., there's something of a shrine to the diner's namesake and former owner Betsy McDaniel. Rather than an eccentric vanity project in a place where the character rivals the food, the portraits are a remembrance of McDaniel,72, who was beaten to death in 2008 at her home in Marrero. Today, a Jefferson Parish jury convicted Bryant Boudoin of the murder. Boudoin, 30, will be sentenced next Wednesday.

Body Bag Bungle

Horror connoisseurs FEARnet are giving away a New Orleans nightmare in the near future. But don't worry, there's no need for a sweepstakes to win one of those.   In an apparent mix-up between the Orleans Parish Coroner and a funeral home, the remains of a man who was shot to death on Interstate 10 were mistakenly cremated. The family of Ralph Bias was hoping to pay their last respects to his body this week at a funeral, but hopes were dashed after the tags on his body bag were crossed with another.


Marigny Musings

    When I initially learned of the massacre that occurred last week in Arizona, and that the intended target was U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Blue Light Bugaboo

Marigny Sees Crime Spike as NOPD Introduces Reforms

MARIGNY - “See that guy over there,” Buffa's Lounge evening bartender, Arden Redosevic, says as he points to the end of the bar. The man smiles and downs a shot, “He was sittin’ right there when the robbery happened.” 



On December 26th, near midnight, Travis Chapius walked into Buffa’s waving a gun and a demand. 


Split Decision

Updated 8:40 p.m.

A jury handed down a split decision tonight in the trial of Henry Gover, an Algiers man who was killed and had his body burned in a car in the days following Hurricane Katrina. The jury convicted three cops, and acquitted two others.

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