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Defender Picks


Muddy Water Coalition

Anti-Vitter PACs Attack (Videos)

David Vitter has his haters. While the man from Metaire has not been shy about tossing a few cowpies at his rivals, the nastiest return fire is coming from political action committees. These PACs are no run of the mill Citizens United. No, two groups have been formed specifically to push an “anyone but Vitter” agenda and they are dropping millions on ads. 

Vitter Muddies the Waters

Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne nipping at David Vitter’s heels in the latest round of gubernatorial polls and the heir apparent is feeling the heat. Vitter responded to his sinking numbers by turning on the hose and lobbing some mud at his opponents this week.

Mail Call!

We don't trust polls, but we do trust our mailboxes. No, not our inboxes. You know, mailboxes! The ones that snails deliver to. By the looks of the colorful sheets strewn about the stacks of catalogs and credit card offers we'll never fall for again, Anh "Joseph" Cao appears to think he's down in the race to win back his U.S. House seat. Over the weekend, he began throwing mud-filled lobs (tarballs?), like the one pictured to the right, through the mail as part of his wobbly negative campaign against Cedric Richmond. Details, and info on Richmond's own attempted jab, after the jump.

Thanks for the Memories: 8.8% of District 93 Elects Helena Moreno

Well, the poll results are in and, with a whopping 8.8% turnout, New Orleans 93rd State House of Representative district elected Helena Moreno as their next representative.  

There was lots of mud slung first! See it all & read more!

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