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Defender Picks


Holiday Spirits

Tales of the Toddy in Photos

On Thursday (12.18), cocktail creators and cocktail enthusiasts converged upon the Hyatt for the 10th annual Tales of the Toddy. The holiday themed Tales of the Cocktail cousin featured whimsical drinks and outrageous costumes. Dr. Bill Copen was on hand to capture it all on film. Click on through for the photos.

The Professor and the Madmen

Jerry Thomas is virtually a sacred name to craft cocktail enthusiasts. The pioneering bar-tender and author set the foundation for cocktails as we know them. So, it’s only appropriate that drinking destination Bar Tonique (820 N. Rampart St.) will be honoring the patron saint’s December 15th birthday with a party.

Tales of Tales (Photos)

By Dr. Bill Copen

By Thursday (7.16), the glasses at Tales of the Cocktail 2015 were most definitely half-full. Experts like Dave Wondrich and Charlotte Voisey taught and judged. Brand ambassadors squared off. And the setting being New Orleans, of course a brass band played. Click on through to read about all the action and check out some photos.

Tales of the Camera

By Dr. Bill Copen

Tales of the Cocktail 2015 kicked off on Wednesday (7.15) aty the Hotel Monteleone. The day featured dancing, speakers, and lots of drinks. From the opening toast to Danny Meyers' keynote to the late night parties, NoDef was there to capture all of the fun. Click on through for photos.

Three Drinks to Ring in the New Year

With the last hours of 2014 upon us, now is the time for a libation. NoDef sat down with Jordan Larsen, a bartender at Sake Cafe and formerly at Victory, who gave us three new cocktails to help ring in the new year. When the fleur-de-lis drops, go bottoms up and start 2015 the classic New Orleanian way - with a drink.

Cocktails for the Cold (Recipes)

Christmas Day has passed, but the holiday drinking season will continue until 2015. At NoDef, our noggins have had a little too much ‘nog. We turned to the experts over at Emeril’s for a few suggestions. They offered up recipes for Hot Buttered Rum, Limoncello, and a Poinsettia Cocktail.

Raising the Bar

Emeril's Evan Baldwin Mixes Up Christmas Drinks

Entering Emeril’s one is immediately enveloped but the distinct drum of happy chatter, and clinking glasses. Servers bustle around in white uniforms. Behind the bar stands Evan Baldwin holding court. With twelve years in the industry, including recent stints at Victory and Maurepas, Baldwin was well qualified to take the helm as Emeril’s new Bar Manager and Cocktail Coordinator five weeks ago. Just in time for Christmas, he took showcased some of the list’s new offerings for NoDef.

New Stock at Bellocq

Lee Circle Cocktail Destination Rolls Out Food Menu & New Drink List

Bellocq at the Hotel Modern is taking a step towards the present wile keeping touch with their vintage roots. The lounge, CureCo’s cobbler capital, has long had no food of its own, relying on their proximity to Tivoli & Lee. Now, Bellocq will feature their own food menu. Additionally, the bar will continue serving the 19th century classic, but they will sit aside other offerings on a new drink menu.

Bean Town Drinks Downtown

Boston’s Drink came of fame as a cocktail bar without a menu. On Wednesday (9.10), noted bartenders John Gertsen and Cali Gold of Drink are bringing the experience to NOLA. The duo are trekking to San Francisco and stopping for a guest shift at Cane & Table (1113 Decatur Street.)

In Defense of the Pina Colada

By Nick Detrich

A few weeks ago, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders flooded New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. From his perch behind the bar, Cane & Table's Nick Detrich saw and tasted it all. Well, almost all. Detrich was disturbed to notice that amongst the thousands of cocktails, the Pina Colada received little attention, and when mentioned, it was often as the butt of a joke by one of his peers in the cocktial world. Today, he offers his defense of the Pina Colada.

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