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Defender Picks


State of Play: NOLA Theatre 9.16-9.15

This week offfers bit of a lull in openings so you can catch up on the wide array of offerings. For one performance only, catch up with NOLA's patron Saint, Joan of Arc or take advantage of one of two opportunities to see a staged reeading of Driving Miz Daisy. NOLA Project's Cuckoo's Nest and Thin Walls continue their stellar runs and there are plenty of Broadway offerings circulating about the area.

NOLA Project Ratched Up

Review: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Does every man of the theatre yearn to be the bad boy? I can summon up several major productions that pivoted on the lead actor’s ability to project physical or sexual menace. Every one failed in the crunch. The profound desire to be liked, typical of most actors, works against being perceived as a bastard, however juicy such roles appear. By nature, the conundrum often appears when One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is staged.

State of Play: NOLA Theatre 9.9-9.15

Labor Day has passed and theatre season in SoLa has begun in full force. Nurse Ratched is still in residence at NOCCA and the Chekov mashup continues at Le Petit. Elsewhere, two Broadway hits are being staged. On St. Claude, local Michael Allen Zell is rolling out an original work. (Plus, there's Dr. Seuss in JP.)

State of Play: NOLA Theatre Listings Aug. 11-17

Compiled by Michael Martin

This week on New Orleans stages, nuns with guns, Seuss favorites and a sleepover. Inside, Michael Martin gathers the complete theatre calendar through Sunday.

Head Bugs

Review: Tracy Letts' Bug at AllWays

Ian Hoch is the closest to a chameleon that NOLA’s acting scene has to offer. Although I’ve seen his stage work several times, there’s usually an “Is that Ian?” moment upon his first entrance. Whatever alchemy allows him to shapeshift from handsome to goofy, childlike to malevolent, his elusiveness is essential to the power of Tracy Letts’ paranoid love story, Bug, now in its local premiere at the AllWays Theatre.

Every Little Step They Take

Theatre Review: 'A Chorus Line' from Summer Lyric Theatre at Tulane

Once you catch your breath after the ecstatic opening sequence, the most striking thing for a first-time viewer of A Chorus Line is what a simple, low-tech show it is.

Theatre Review: Subtle Whoring on St. Claude

Subtle Whoring, recently extended at the Shadowbox, is a theatre kid’s dream, and it attracts a colorful crowd, too. From the top, the show asks to be misunderstood. By the end, you’ve come to accept these characters, even if you can’t always love them.


Musical Munchies

Theatre Review: Reefer Madness, The Musical, in Mid-City

Ten minutes into Reefer Madness: The Musical, the stage adaptation of a “cult classic” ‘30s anti-drug propaganda flick that no one seems to actually enjoy (it makes for good background noise at parties), Tony Coco makes his gangly entrance as Jimmy Harper, the Christian high schooler who will soon be lured away from his saintly blonde sweetheart, Mary, by the siren call of marijuana and unprotected sex.

Deep Like

Rivertown Theaters for the Arts’ Young Frankenstein: The Musical

In his latest theatre review, Michael Martin writes on Rivertown Theaters' Young Frankenstein.

Suprise Me a Lot

Promethean Theatre Company’s Marry Me a Little, at Mid-City Theater

The Promethean Theatre Company has moved the setting of Stephen Sondheim's seminal Marry Me a Little to New Orleans from New York.  The last performance of Marry Me a Little is tonight at the Mid City Theatre at 9:00 p.m. NOLA Defender reviewer Michael Martin shares his take on this adaptation of this classic work.

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