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Defender Picks


Getting Used to It

Gwendolyn Knapp Talks Writing, NOLA, and IBS

Humidity, sweat, grease and the occasional hangover: these are things the New Orleanian must accept. But add to that gastrointestinal problems, hoarding and the search for your soul mate and you’re really in for a doozy. In her new book After A While You Just Get Used To It, Gwendolyn Knapp explores all these phenomena that make up a southern woman’s life— especially one living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

In the Company of Wolf

Peter Wolf's 'My New Orleans, Gone Away': Book Review

In a new memoir, the scholar Peter Wolf shines a light on midcentury New Orleans, identity and leaving.

'Katrina's Secrets' Include Ray Nagin's Shots, Divine Intervention

by Michael Cohn-Geltner

CENTRAL CITY -  After the many excerpts, New York television apperances and jokes about his hair, former mayor C. Ray Nagin's opened the trove of Katrina's Secrets yesterdayas the memoir went live on Amazon. He self-published the book. If he went through an agent, he would have to hand the book over to a publisher, who would cut a sentence here, clip a paragraph there, he said at a press conference yesterday. He would not have the final say in how his story would be told, and that made him uncomfortable. That paranoia spilled over into the pags of the book.

Nagin Tell-All To Open the Katrina Vault

C. Ray Nagin is a man of many secrets. Doesn't sound right? Just look at his book title. Today, our last mayor released details of the first part of his "Katrina's Secrets" series. Based on the description, which calls the book "elegaic and disarmingly candid," "Storms After the Storm" seems poised to take its place alongside the great autobiographical anthologies of our time. Wait. Wasn't Bertrand Russell the last guy to write a multi-volume autobiography? Even George W. Bush could admit that he screwed up during Katrina in a single chapter.

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